Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 15 Feb 2022

A small but enthusiastic group enjoyed a perfect “bluebird” day on the Snowshoe trails on Mount Washington on Tuesday, February 15. Though no new snow, the conditions were excellent, slightly crusty, and the trails were more navigable than on our January trip.

We headed out clockwise on Lost Cabin to Crooked Creek trail. This lovely loop meanders over the summertime ponds and marshes, following and sometimes crossing Crooked Creek. We stopped at the return point, going off the trail to take shelter from the rising wind behind a small copse. We were beside an unmarked but well used trail which we suspected went out to Battleship Lake. We didn’t have time to explore this but noted it for future trips. We then returned to Lost Cabin trail opting to take the slightly longer Tree Beard trail back to the Lodge which took us up to the junction with Rossiter’s Ridge, a favourite lunch spot. We stopped briefly to admire the stunning view, then headed back to the Lodge. We enjoyed lingering over well-earned cups of hot chocolate on the deck in the sunshine – a beautiful day after so much fog, cloud, and drizzle of the past few weeks.  2 hours on trail;  5 km.


Thanks to Misha Cook for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Snow – Mt. Washington – 15 Feb 2022


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