Trip Report – Upper Gowlland Bike Trails – 16 Feb 2022

This hike explored some of the lesser used trails accessed via the Missing Links FSR road off Upper Gowlland Harbour Road. From the parking area we went north-east on Bite the Bullet, past the remains of an old rifle range. We crossed the road to Sam’s Shorty on Marlow’s woodlot and then crossed over again to climb Cash Only, then west on Back Door. Our lunch stop was at the high point of the trail on a mossy bluff. From there we began the descent on Silk Stockings through the tailings of an abandoned copper mining operation with old rails and ore carts still visible. Along the way we found other possible scenic rest points with views of a lake and the Vancouver Island mountains. Our group of four walked the 6.8 km in 2.5 hours plus a half lunch stop with lots of good conversation and laughter.

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Hiking – Upper Gowlland Trails – 16 Feb 2022


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