Trip Report – Heron Pt. and Mt. Sweat – 9 Mar 2022

Six of us took advantage of the superb weather to hike to a couple of excellent viewpoints.  The first viewpoint, Heron Point, is a short, easy walk over moss covered bluffs.  The next bit, up to the top of Mt. Sweat, starts with a walk through an old forest, then the trail winds up bluffs and moss covered ledges.  In some places the path is steep.  On top, the air was cool and crisp with excellent visibility and the sun was warm, so we lingered there over a long lunch.  The way down was a flagged route, again on moss covered ridges, easy walking.  Finally, a walk back on a gravel road, to complete the loop to the vehicles.  Thanks to Heather Kellerhals for letting the Outdoor Club use the Chauntaluf farm trails to make this loop.  3.9 km, 3¼ hours, with multiple long stops at viewpoints.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Heron Point and Mt. Sweat – 9 Mar 2022


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