Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 16 Mar 2022

Our small group enjoyed a beautiful spring day at Mt. Washington.  It was not crowded in spite of Spring Break.  There was fresh snow on a crusty base for the snowshoe trails.  We crossed Paradise Meadows and climbed the well used trail up to Battleship Lake where we had sun, cloud and snow showers.  The lake was lovely, but a bit breezy and we sheltered on an island for lunch.  The light and silence at the lakes were wonderful.  We traversed Battleship Lake over consolidated snow so that we could easily take any route we wished.  We followed a rise through the forest over to Lake Helen MacKenzie and followed the lake to the mid-point.  We then more or less followed the summer trail back to Paradise Meadows. We stopped in the uncrowded Raven Lodge for a snack before heading home.  7.4 km, 3¼ hours.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Snow – Mt. Washington – 16 Mar 2022


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