Trip Report – Trout Creek Falls Trail – 30 Mar 2022

Seven of us had a great day to hike up the trail along Mohun Creek and view the three Trout Falls.  The first falls is very near the trailhead on Menzies Main and was immediately rewarding.  There was lots of water flow with the wet spring we have been having.  We then followed the undulating forest trail to the middle falls, with the biggest height drop of the three.  The trail was in good condition and most winter windfall had been cleared.  We followed the short, steep section of trail to the top of the falls and continued to the third falls into the crack.  We stopped for lunch on a mossy bluff above the last falls, enjoying the view and gentle sunshine.  

The group decided it preferred a loop rather than returning along the creek, so we followed a good trail along the creek continuing upstream until it veered to join the Mary Lake logging road. This was an easy downhill ramble and we stopped to visit Mary Lake along the way.  The lake was lovely and quiet, but it is clearly heavily used at times.  We closed the loop with a short, undisturbed walk on Menzies Main and arrived at the vehicles just before a rain shower.  These are some of the most impressive falls in the Campbell River area and the trail is in good condition and well used.  It was a lovely spring outing.  (7.3 km; 3¼ hours)

Thanks to Carrie and Norris for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Trout Creek Falls – 30 Mar 2022


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