Trip Report – Maud Island – 6 April 2022

On an overcast, chilly, four degree morning seven hikers set out to Maud Island. As we walked down the old road the moss seemed especially green. There were quite a few trees here and there that had been brought down by the heavy snows of last winter. All in all though the trail was in good shape for this early in the spring. We kept to the lower route rather than going up and over Lolo as the rocks would probably be quite slick. The causeway to Maud Island is eroding more and water is running under it at low tide.

We had lunch over looking Seymour Narrows. The current was at a max of 7.8, which isn’t much considering that it can run to 14 kn. Still there were plenty of whirlpools and current to admire. We were even treated to a couple sea lions playing below us in the current. After lunch we returned via the same route. 10.3 km and four hours counting lunch.


Thanks to Les for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Maud Island – 6 Apr 2022


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