Trip Report – BC Trail Day – 4 June 2022

The recent torrential rains definitely dampened our BC Trail Day celebration, but a few die-hards went for a short walk anyway. We used the Swale Trail and Black Jack to make a tight loop on the Community Centre trails, following some lovely paths through a fine forest.

The Quadra trail system is an amazing heritage that is worth recognizing. At the end of our walk it seemed fitting that we passed by the memorial to Judy Leicester who worked so hard on the trails. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to her and others like Hilda Van Orden, Marcie Wolter, Nole Lax, and Richard Leicester who did so much to develop these trails. And also to the current hard workers who carry on that tradition like John Barclay, Sam Whittingham and Ken Roxborough, and all the other many, many volunteers.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – BC Trail Day – 4 June 2022


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