Trip Report – Chauntaluf Farm to Open Bay – 28 July 2022

Four of us started fairly early to avoid the hottest part of the afternoon.  We strolled through the Chauntaluf farm taking time to appreciate the setting, views, animals and trees.  We then followed their Open Bay Rd over to Kolker Main.  We were met by Marianne who accompanied us down the private road to her home on Open Bay. As we had not met Marianne before, we took time to get acquainted before having lunch in the shade at the beach.  It was a very low tide and we walked on the sand to the shore and to Open Bay Creek before heading back.  It was warm ascending the road before we crossed back into the forest of Chauntaluf Farm.  We stopped at the pond for a cool swim before returning to the car.  This outing involved visits to two private properties and we are very appreciative for the invitations from Heather and Marianne.   7.4 km; 4 hours


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Chauntaluf Farm to Open Bay– 28 July 2022


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