Trip Report – Happy Hour to Morte Lake – 7 Aug 2022

A few of us made the very short walk up the old logging access to Morte Lake in the late afternoon for the Club’s first ever “happy hour hike.” This area is now protected as part of the Quadra Conservancy Land.  The weather was warm, sunny and breezy.  Recognizing that the social aspect of this event was more important than the exercise, we brought our folding chairs, and whatever drink and appie we wanted.  Sitting on the shore, we relaxed, caught up on recent events, and some swam in the lake.  It being a warm Sunday afternoon, a few others stopped by to swim or to return via paddle board.  Everyone was very cheerful and friendly.  We didn’t stay long, but had a good time.



Happy Hour Hike – Morte Lake– 7 Aug 2022


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