Trip Report – Shellaligan Pass Loop – 12 Oct 2022

It was another gorgeous, sunny fall day as nine hikers set out to walk the Shellaligan Pass Loop counter clockwise. At the first bay we found two kayakers that were enjoying the calm day as well. From there we clambered over the large rocks along the ocean at the start of the trail.  There were places along the way where the salal is encroaching on the trail and there was some deadfall.


Well before the entrance to Village Bay we noticed a large flock of birds. There were hundreds of them. As we walked nearer Vic identified them as surf scoters. We stopped on the large rock outcrop at the entrance to Village Bay to watch them and have a snack. While there two Harbour Porpoises swam gracefully by.

We continued on along the bay and up the hill. At the junction to the longer route we decided to go down the hill and to the oyster lease, which turned out to be a mistake.  Shortly after the bridge we came upon a large cedar tree that had fallen squarely down the trail. We climbed through six foot ferns and dead fall to go around. At the oyster lease we went out on the rock point and enjoyed another break in the sun. From there we went back through the difficult area, up the hill and back to the vehicles.  Approx. 5km, 2½ hours


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Shellaligan Pass Loop – 12 Oct 2022

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