Trip Report – Main Lake and Yeatman Bay – 19 Oct 2022

Five of us took advantage of one of the last beautiful summer days of late October to hike to Main Lake from the Surge Narrows Road.  This is a relatively new trail.  It has been around, but not widely known.  It was a place to easily get lost.  It had obstacles, such as the Jungle Gym obstacle course of huge deadfalls.  But now BC Parks has recognized it.  It is flagged and cleared and the path is easier to follow.  The first part can be wet, but that was not a problem after our long drought this summer.  We stopped off at Roscoe Lake, good for swimming, but nobody took the plunge.  Then the trail goes down through a nice old forest with mossy understory, passing some giant trees.    We stopped for lunch at the sandy east beach of Main Lake, then walked the old “portage” road to Yeatman Bay, which was very still and atmospheric.  On the way back we took another side trail to the swim rock on Main Lake, then walked back to the cars (noticing that it was uphill).  A lovely day, a lovely hike.    9.9 km; 4 hours  

Thanks to Carrie and Norris for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Main Lake and Yeatman Bay – 19 Oct 2022


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