Trip Report – Nole to Noble and Side Trails- 22 Nov 2022

After meeting for a leisurely coffee and treat at the Aroma Café, five hikers, clad in full raingear, made our way into the Q-Cove labyrinth of trails via Plaza Road and “the stairs”. Seventy or so stairs lead the way to Nole Road and the Nole Road right-of-way, a well-established trail, hopefully to never be a road, through to Noble Road. The group quickly became involved in hunting for the faces in the forest (many carved and placed by Johann Weighardt) and found several of the well camouflaged masks.

We took the direct route on a southerly bearing, to Noble Road – about 1.5 km – and then down Noble Rd to the designated parkette across from QI Builders and back into the trail system. From here various private properties are traversed via trails and bridges that are well maintained by the owners of some of those properties. Heading in a northerly direction now, on the backside of Green Road properties, we passed by the “Word Log” and its everchanging one-word philosophical offering and one very impressive Cottonwood tree. By taking three of the side trails, we were able to zig zag our way back to the library end of the plaza to conclude a soggy, nearly two hour walk.

As we exited the forest our group was fortunate to meet up with two frequent flyers of the trail who also are responsible, along with two other neighbours, for a lot of the heavy trail maintenance work, including bridge building.  Thanks to Ben, Michelle, Brian and Joyce.

This is an easy to access trail through a beautiful second growth forest. One could explore a lot of this system between tasks while at the QCove Plaza. But beware – it is easy to end up going in circles and losing your way! Also, except for the “right of way” these trails are on private property and generously shared.  4 km


Thanks to Carrie and Norris for the photos

Click on photos to enlarge


Hiking – Nole to Noble Loop – 22 Nov 2022


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