Hiking – Morte Lake Loop – 7 Dec 2022

There is a change of coordinator.  This trip was originally scheduled for Dec 7th.

Activity Hiking
Destination Jackrabbit/Morte Lake Loop
Date 25 January 2023, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info dmquigg@gmail.com or 3710
Please contact the coordinator by Monday night.
Description We will start at the Morte Lake parking lot, cross the road and over the B3 bridge to access the Jackrabbit Trail. This starts off close to the creek and eventually heads inland up to the Yellow Mud Trail, which we will follow back down to Reed Lake at the Walcan Road. We then cross the road and follow the Mud Lake and Tripod connector over to the sandy beach/three bridges area of Morte Lake. This will be a good spot for a snack or light lunch (bring a pad or bag for sitting on the damp log here). From here we will continue to the east end of Morte Lake and start down the main trail to the parking lot. At the Lower Dead Fish intersection, we will cross the creek and continue down to the parking lot. This route is mainly forested with occasional views of the creek and Morte Lake.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot
Departure Time 10:00
Intermediate, due to length.
Trip limits 10.  We will try to accommodate those who are interested.
Dogs? Yes, but under control or on leash. No running through the group. Owner must carry a leash, for emergency reasons.
Notes: Waterproof boots are advised, as the trail can have standing water. Good rain gear is important, and if rainy or colder, its not a bad idea to bring a thermos with a hot beverage. a seat pad is good idea for sitting on damp logs at the lake. This will go ahead even if it rains, as long as conditions are not too extreme. Bring rain pants for a clear day, as yellow Mud has lots of wet ferns close to the trail.

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