Trip Report – Plumper Bay – 18 Jan 2023

Since Mt. Washington did not have good conditions for snowshoeing, we substituted a hike to Plumper Bay and ten of us went.  The first half of this hike is along the Morte Lake to Maud Island trail.  This section is always nice.  Everything is covered with deep green moss and the trail is maintained.  The second part of the hike is along the old logging road between Plumber Bay and Mt. Lolo.  This road is still in amazing condition, but it suffers from trees falling across it.  A lot of deadfall.   Mostly not big trees, but it can make an obstacle course.  The route toward Plumber Bay gets cleared occasionally, but it is not “trail” maintained, and it will probably become an active logging road soon.  Right now it is quite clear except for one alder landslide.  The bay at the destination is a very nice picnic site.  Probably soon to be a log dump.  Until then it is well worth a visit.  

We could have had better weather.  The hints of blue sky we started out with turned into rain.  Quite cold rain, but no wind despite the windstorm the previous night.  Nonetheless, we had a good hike and were glad to go.  (6.3 km; 2hours 20 minutes)


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Hiking – Plumber Bay – 18 Jan 2023


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