Trip Report – South Morte Lake Loop – 25 Jan 2023

Once again we had big participation with 13 hikers.  The weather was not as nice as forecast, but adequate for the event.  It was soft and gentle even if grey.  We crossed the Walcan Rd and started out on Jackrabbit, crossing McKercher Creek and wandering up along the creek through the lush, green forest to Reed Lake.  There were a few wet crossings of minor creeks, but nothing unexpected in winter.  After re-crossing the Walcan Road, we followed along Reed and Mud Lakes until we took the Tripod trail over to the southwest corner of Morte Lake.  With the high water levels, the sandy beach was not inviting for lunch so we continued out to the point where we could perch with views of the lake.

After lunch, we followed the trail along the south shore at a brisk pace rejoining the main trail from the parking lot to Morte Lake at the east end of the lake.  We diverged at the Lower Deadfish junction and followed the creek down through this lovely, open forest back to the parking lot. It was a beautiful day for a forest walk.   (8.5 km; 3 hours)


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Hiking -Morte Lake Loop – 25 Jan 2023


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