Trip Report – Haskins Farm-Fir Crest Loop – 15 Mar 2023

On March 15, 2023 a small group joined the Haskins Farm and Fir Crest walk. It was an easy walk which took approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. We began at the head of the Haskins Farm trail and at the first intersection took a left and walked through the forest, and through the new growth area over to the golf course where we walked along the cart path, past the Fir Crest trail parking and onto the start of the Fir Crest trail continuing down behind the houses of the subdivision to the bottom of the trail where we began the Fir Crest to Haskins Farm trail along the ridge. Deciding to skip the trail down to the beach, we took the trail back through Haskins Farm up to the vehicles.. The whole way is very lovely with a mixture of forest, new growth, and open fairways, while the ridge is particularly beautiful with the moss covered trees and ocean views. (5.9 km)


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Haskin Farm & Fir Crest Loop – 15 Mar 2023


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