Trip Report – Hyacinthe Bay at Low Tide – 8 May 2023

On a beautiful spring day, eight of us enjoyed exploring Hyacinthe Bay on a 0.5 metre tide which revealed some history and intertidal life.  After arriving at Chauntaluf Farm, we sat on the deck of the Schoolhouse and talked about the history and ecology of the Bay.  About 25 years ago, the Kellerhals family noticed stakes in the stream channel at low tide.  These turned out to be the remnants of Indigenous fish traps which are several hundred years old.  We also talked about the nearly complete loss of eel grass in Hyacinthe Bay in the last 50 years.  This may be the result of a wasting disease, but it has immense consequences for the creatures who used to live there.

We wandered down to the tidal flats and almost immediately found many of the old stakes.  Although we couldn’t always see the pattern of how the trap would have worked, we were impressed with the resilience of the wood.  We found lots of oyster and clam shells, and further out there were sand dollars, mostly dead, but a few still black.  There were also many moon snail egg cases.  At the very edge of the water there was eel grass, some crabs and sea stars.  There was plenty of diversity .  

As the tide began to flood, we climbed ashore and visited a property which had recently been donated to the Regional District.  The cabin is still in quite good condition.  From there we followed a short trail leading back to the Farm.  We took the lovely, wide, grassy Maple Bay Road back to the vehicles.  This was a very easy relaxed day, giving us the time to enjoy the beautiful day and fascinating things on the shore.  (2.7 km; 2 hours)

Thanks so much for the invitation from Heather Kellerhals and all the help from Robyn.


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Hiking – Hyacinthe Bay at Low Tide – 8 May 2023


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