Trip Report – Maud Island and Petroglyphs – 18 May 2023

Five paddlers put in at Whalebone Cove and set off by 0900 on glassy seas, with bright sunshine, and warming temperatures. A beautiful summer day in the spring! And finally, after many attempts to undertake this trip, we were doing it.

Working with and against the ebbing current we made our way northward, close to shore and observing the life below. An hour’s paddling brought us to the fish farm near Maud Island and then we decided that our early lunch stop would be at the entrance to the saltwater lagoon which was at this point not navigable.

We then headed for “Kawston”, the ancient village site and its petroglyphs at the mouth of Morte Creek just east of Maud Island. Locating the flat-topped large rock with the quartz line was easy and on it was a fairly obvious petroglyph as indicated in Inglis’s little guide book. Over the next 45 minutes or so we searched for further examples and came up empty handed. However the many canoe pull outs were quite evident as we walked across the top of the beach.

As we paddled back, southward, with an increasingly strong flood current, we stayed close to shore and were passed by a solitary cetacean (porpoise?), spotted an otter, and a sea lion. We rode the fast current for several minutes, got pushed around by boils and whirlpools, and then cruised back into Whalebone Cove. 6½ hours and 17 km covered.

A fabulous outing!!


Thanks to Vic and Tak for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Kayaking – Maud Island and Petroglyphs – 18 May 2023


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