Trip Photos – Kayaking Main Lake 21 August 2013

Nine club members enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, calm day at the Lakes.  Leaving from the Mine Lake boat launch, we paddled to the northeast corner of Main Lake, landed on the sandy beach and hiked across to Yeatman Bay.  Several of us walked out to the tidal island at the south end of the bay to have a look at the channel.   The paddle took about 55 minutes.  The trail, which is 1.6 kilometres long and in good condition apart from some muddy bits, takes just under half an hour one way. After lunch, about half the group went for a short swim (very welcome as it was hot!), then we headed back to the parking lot, arriving at 2:30.  The lakes seemed busy (at least busy for Quadra!), but it was a very pleasant and relaxed outing. Perhaps on a future trip, we’ll paddle right round Main Lake and possibly venture into Clear Lake or Little Main.

Darcy Mitchell

Kayaking Main Lake 21 August 2013

(click on photos to view larger)


1 thought on “Trip Photos – Kayaking Main Lake 21 August 2013

  1. Hi there…looks like it was a nice, fun outing and I am sure there were a few paddle jokes splashed about. Thank you for the report and the fab images.

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