Trip Photos – Gowlland Harbour 5 May 2014

The sea Gods were with us and we had spectacular weather for the Gowland paddle. The winds were light to none, the sun shone bright and the sky clear. The Sea Blush was in full bloom on all the small islands and many other flowers as well so it was a great day for taking pictures.

There were also many animals and birds out as it was a lower tide. The Canadian geese with the goslings were abundant and were quite humorous to watch. We saw quite a few mink and three river otters were playing on a knoll.

When we were in south Gowland we paddled thru the small opening to April Point. Here there were many sea urchins to look at and quite colorful. All and all it was a fabulous day and to bad that more people could not have experienced it.

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayak Gowlland Harbour 5 May 2014


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