Trip Report – Village Bay 25 June 2014

Wednesday morning came and the wind was blowing 15 knots at Chatham Point and a forecast of 25 by noon. We therefore decided to move the paddle from Chain Islets to the east side of Quadra. After many phone calls it was agreed to launch at Len Road into Hyacinthe Bay.  Six people showed up and we had a great day on the water.

First we headed over to Hyacinthe Point and then on to Shellaligan Pass. The tide was out so we had to go around and then on to Village Bay. There were a few small white caps at the entrance but this was the most wind we had all day. The group stopped at the head of the bay for lunch. Afterwards we hiked up the old trail to Village Bay Lake. It is not maintained with a few logs over the trail but still very doable. It is a lovely walk along the creek.  At this point half of the group needed to go back because it was already 2:30. The other three of us went on to Crescent Channel and around Bold Island. After this we took the most direct path back which was good as it still ended up 5:30 before we were off of the water. The total trip was about 11 nautical miles. The change of venue we made was for the best as we had not much wind and beautiful skies all day.

– Les Hand

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Kayak Chain Islets & Orchard Bay 25 June 2014


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