Trip Report – Heriot Ridge Route – 29 June 2014

We had eight people on this short hike on short notice. Starting at the end of Hope Spring Road, we hiked up to the east and west viewpoints of Heriot Ridge on a warm, mostly sunny day. We continued north on the flagged route, which undulates through open forest and mossy bluffs. The most unusual naturalist event of the hike was a dragonfly with a bee in its mouth that landed on the trip coordinator’s shirt. The dragonfly did not leave until the bee was completely consumed, even during walking or close-up photography. The meal lasted at least 15 minutes. We returned by the Thompson Trail, with about half the group visiting the northern viewpoint over Hyacinthe Bay, and then following the road back to the cars.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hike Heriot Ridge Route – 29 June 2014


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