Trip Report – Main Lake – 4 June 2015

Nine happy paddlers left the launch site of Mine Lake in a light wind. It was a glorious day with just enough wind to keep us cool but still make for enjoyable paddling.

We paddled up to the end of Main Lake and easily found the entrance to the narrow passage to Little Main Lake. We made our way up the passage trying to navigate the downed logs and narrowness of the passage. It is a very beautiful serene waterway with lily pads, tall grasses and much evidence of beaver.

Our return trip took us along the opposite shore of the lake to return to the launch site where swimming was enjoyed in the unseasonably warm water. A few brave souls attempted some wet exits and self/assisted rescues.

All in all it was a glorious day in the quiet of the lakes. 15.4 km, 5 ½ hours.

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking – Village Bay Lakes – 3 June 2015


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