Trip Report – South Heriot Ridge – 10 June 2015

We left a bit earlier than planned in order to beat the unusual heat. The day was sunny and breezy. The seven of us started out on the Hope Spring trail, turning left at the T-junction on top and then onto open bluffs at the south end of Heriot Ridge. After wandering the bluffs and enjoying the views toward Vancouver Island, we continued east until we joined the Camp Homewood trail to the High Bluff. We stayed awhile and then descended the bluff and took the trail leading east, later veering right to visit the Homewood Bluff, where none of us had ever been. This made a great lunch stop. We once again descended and took the right-hand turn toward Gowlland Trail, which then made a loop back to the Hope Spring Trail. 6.4 km, 3 ½ hours.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – South Heriot Ridge – 10 June 2015


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