Trip Report – Surge Narrows – 3 July 2015

We had a group of 10 for this outing on a hot, sunny and very windy day. Of the ten, five had never been on a hike with the QIOC and the ages spanned more than 50 years. We started at Mine Lake, on the big rock, for a swim and lunch. The water was very warm, but there were white caps on the lake. We drove out to the end of the Surge Narrows road. As we visited the community dock, we were treated to a close encounter with an eagle carrying a fish. We hiked along the Surge Narrows trail to the viewpoint, arriving about a half hour before the max flood current of 10.6 knots, which was very impressive. Some of the group continued on the unmaintained route to the next bay and point, with views up toward Okisollo Channel and lots of wind and waves. There was a ground nesting wasp sting and a hurt foot on the return trip, but the victims took it in stride.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Surge Narrows – 3 July 2015


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