Trip Report – Granite Bay – 8 July 2015

A group of six paddlers enjoyed perfect conditions for a tour around Kanish Bay on July 8th. The smokey atmosphere had cleared and we could enjoy the view across the Inside Passage. We made our way out through Chain Islands, then cut across the calm waters of the bay to Granite Point – a destination you can only attempt in such ideal weather. We poked around the point to take a look into Okisollo Passage, then moseyed back along the north shore of Kanish Bay. We had heard that there were pictographs somewhere along the cliffs, and happily we were able to spot a couple of sketchy images in red pigment. Lunch was on a rocky point part way along the shore, followed by a swim at Orchard Bay. It felt like a pretty mellow day, but we covered 18 km in our circuit around Kanish Bay.

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking –Granite Bay – 8 July 2015


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