Trip Report – New Thompson Trail Loop – 5 Oct 2016

We postponed the hike for three hours to take advantage of the improving weather. Starting at the trailhead on Thompson Road, we hiked up the Thompson Trail to the old B&B trail and then to the logging road that crosses the B&B trail. There has been some fairly recent logging along the way. We followed a few logging roads until we joined up with the North Gowlland Harbour trail, which then led us back to the Thompson Trail and back to the cars. The day was mild and the maples were colourful. The slugs were out and about, and the mushrooms are starting to appear. Since it had rained more than 75 mm in 36 hours, there was a lot of water in the creeks and on the trail. 6.8 km; 2½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hike – New Thompson Trail Loop – 5 Oct 2016


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