Trip Report – Shellaligan – 19 Oct 2016

Due to the heavy rains recently and the forecast for rain on the day of the trip, we changed the destination of this hike to a mostly flat walk in the forest.  We decided to explore some of the logging roads in the Shellaligan woodlots that are not on the official trail map.

So three of us braved the weather and had a nice walk in the woods.  We made a slightly non-standard loop using a mix of logging roads and trails.  We made a side trip to the bluff at the entrance to Village Bay and the wind and waves were impressive.  We visited the new (replacement) bridge built by the Trails Committee eight days ago and we had lunch on the shore of Village Bay. The rain held off until afternoon, and it was only a sprinkle and the fall colours made it all worthwhile.  8.5 km; 2¾ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)


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