Trip Report – Village Bay Lakes and Main Lake Park – 23 July 2018

Six people met at the Village Bay Lake ramp at 8:30 and were on the water by 9 a.m. to beat some of the heat. Now that the temperature is reaching 30 degrees it is just too hot late afternoon to have a comfortable paddle. It was a beautiful clear day though with a slight breeze. We paddled up the right side of the lake going into each bay. It is amazing how many houses have been renovated on the lake in the last few years. There are also some new ones. Many are quite unique and some even have ladder trolleys to move goods up to the house. From Village Bay Lake the group paddled through the shallow creek to Mine Lake. There were a couple of blue herons in the reeds that were not bothered by our passing. The water level is quite low and a boat with motor would have a hard time not hitting sticks or the bottom in some areas.  We then proceeded to the big sand beach at the entrance to Main Lake for lunch. There were a few tents pitched there but plenty of room for our group.

We took the same path back, but went down the opposite side of Village Bay Lake. There are many nice houses and cottages on that side as well. In total we traveled 11.4 km and were gone 3.5 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking – Village Bay Lake and Main Lake Park – 23 July 2018


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