Trip Report – Homewood Trails Loop – 22 August 2018

Five hikers and Rosco the dog enjoyed a three-hour hike in the Heriot Ridge area. A smoky haze from BC wildfires partially blocked the sun but was not as thick as the previous few days. Beginning at the Hopespring trailhead, we hiked up to the height of land and down the west side of the ridge, turning south on Gowlland trail. We sampled a few blackberries along the way, before turning east on the Homewood Bluff trail. On top of Homewood Bluff we stopped for a snack but the view to the west was lacking due to the smoke. Descending the east side of the bluff, we connected with Homewood’s High Bluff trail. This trail is partially overgrown, due to lack of use by the Homewood groups. However, the wolves use this route since wolf scat was observed perched on a log across the trail. After reaching the height of land, a side trip took us up to High Bluff were we enjoyed another rest stop but could barely see Campbell River to the west. From here we hiked north along Heriot Ridge on an unmarked route, stopping to say hello to a grand old Douglas fir tree tucked away in the bluffs. Along the way we stepped over the skeleton of an unfortunate deer not far from the intersection with Hopespring trail. From here we returned to the vehicles. Temperatures remained cool and pleasant throughout the hike due to the haze. 5.3 km.

Janis McLean

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking -Homewood Trails Loop – 22 August 2018


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