Trip Report – Shellaligan Loop – 7 Nov 2018

Nine hikers and a dog enjoyed this classic hike on a beautiful, sunny, fall day.  We hiked from Valdez Rd, down the logging road and along the rocky shoreline on Hoskyn Channel.  We stopped for a lunch/snack on the rocky bluff at the entrance to Village Bay, overlooking the calm waters with views of the outer islands and mainland mountains.  We were entertained by a sea lion, harlequin ducks and a flock of sea birds.  We shared yummy Belgian brownies before continuing along the shoreline into Village Bay, up the hill, through the forest and back along the logging road to the vehicles.  6.9 km; 2¾ hours.

Julie Mellanby

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Shellaligan Loop – 7 Nov 2018


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