Trip Report – Kayak training – 26 June 2019

Nine kayakers participated in an excellent course on strokes, braces and rescue techniques taught by Monica Russell and ably assisted by Graham and Janet.  The day began cool and a bit rainy, but rapidly cleared and warmed up.  The morning was spent on strokes (forward, sweep from bow and stern, sculling, and bow rudder), edging and bracing, particularly low bracing.

The afternoon was spent on assisted- and self-rescue.  Everyone began with a wet exit and assisted re-entry, then moved on to self-rescue with a paddle float.  Some tried the t- or bow rescue. The water and weather were warm enough to avoid getting chilled.  There definitely wasn’t enough wind to make the rescue practice realistic.

The course reinforced the importance of practicing these skills and of having the proper deck rigging to facilitate rescues.


(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking Training – Mine Lake – 26 June 2019


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