Trip Report – Kayak Training – 6 June 2017

QIOC has endeavoured to offer a kayak rescue training session every year as part of our ongoing quest to improve paddler safety and skills. This year, we offered two sessions – one for kayak rescue and a second for edging and maneuvering. Six members took the morning rescue session, where we learned how to rescue another kayaker in the event of an upset, and two more joined three of the morning group for an afternoon of edging skills and new strokes including sweeping, sculling draw, stern rudder, bow rudder and the low brace turn – and various combinations. Under the auspices of Coast Mountain Expeditions, Doug Taylor led the training sessions (for a second year) accompanied by Krista Wall.

All participants were very enthusiastic, praising the support and patience of both instructors (not everybody is absolutely thrilled to turn themselves upside down….). Doug and Krista were also very helpful in advising how to properly rig kayaks for assisted and self-rescue.

The water seemed a bit chillier than last year, but the weather was warm and sunny.

Thanks to Lannie (Coast Mountain), Doug and Krista for a great day, and to all participants – improving our safety skills helps us, and all our fellow paddlers!

Darcy Mitchell

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Kayaking Training – Main Lakes Provincial Park – 6 June 2017


Kayaking Training – Main Lake Provincial Park – 6 June 2017

Activity Kayak training session
Destination Main Lake Provincial Park
Date 6 June 2017, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell; Instructor Douglas Taylor
Contact Info
Registration: Please contact Darcy no later than May 15 to receive a registration form for one or both sessions. Payment in full must accompany registration; registration deadline is May 25. Payment is non-refundable, unless you are able to find someone to take your place by the registration deadline.
Description 1) Three hour training/refresher on assisted kayak rescue and self-rescue. The session will begin with a review of basic safety and paddling skills.
2) A second three hour session, in the afternoon, on edging and maneuvering will be offered intermediate or advanced paddlers.
Meeting Place Boat launch at Mine Lake, 2 km beyond Village Bay Lake
Departure Time Meet at the boat launch by 8:30 to be ready to start at 9:00 for the morning session.
The afternoon session would start at 1 p.m.
Costs $55 per person for one session or $100 for both
Trip limits 6 people per session
Dogs? no
Notes: All participants must provide their own kayaks and all safety equipment, including PFD, paddle float, pump, sponge, whistle. Wet suits are strongly advised (if you need a wetsuit, the trainer or other club members may have spares to loan – mention to Darcy when you register).

Bring warm drinks and warm clothing as we can get pretty chilled.

Trip Report – Paddle Training – 29 June 2016

On June 29, nine club members fell out of their kayaks – repeatedly. But with demonstrations and coaching by trainer Douglas Taylor, assisted by his wife, Penny, everyone got back in – repeatedly.

Organized through Coast Mountain Expeditions, the session provided an introduction to assisted kayak rescue and self-rescue for those without previous training, and a refresher and practice for more experienced paddlers. Participants took part in one of two 3-hour blocks, which included a review of kayak safety requirements, discussion of how to rig kayaks to facilitate rescue (e.g. good deck lines rigged loosely enough to grab easily), and a brief demonstration of bracing technique. Most time was spent, however, on the proper way to “wet exit” (after working up the nerve to voluntarily turn upside down….), and to safely and efficiently re-enter the boat either with the help of another kayaker, or with the use of a paddle and paddle float as an outrigger. Doug provided a handout on the steps in self- and assisted rescue which will soon be available in digital form for any club member who wishes one. Please contact Darcy at to request your copy.

The weather and water conditions at Mine Lake were perfect – warm air and water, sunny and a slight breeze – great for training, but probably not the most likely conditions for a real capsize. Doug emphasized the need to practice rescue techniques regularly so that the kayaker develops ‘muscle memory’ that will be there when needed for the real thing.

Participants agreed that annual training and practice are vital both for individual paddlers, and to build a cohort of club members with confidence in each other’s skills and knowledge.

Thanks to Lannie at Coast Mountain and trainers Doug and Penny for a very worthwhile day.

Darcy and Valerie

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Kayaking – Paddle Training – 29 June 2016

Kayaking Training – Mine Lake – 29 June 2016

Activity Kayak training and refresher course
Destination Mine Lake
Date 29 June 2016, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell and Valerie van Veen
Contact Info
Description Doug Taylor, Paddle Canada kayak skills instructor, will provide training (or skills review) in assisted rescue, self-rescue and bracing (techniques to avoid kayak capsize). Depending on the number of registrants and their background and experience, we may have one session for those without prior training, and one for those with training in these skills. Assignment of individuals to particular sessions will take place once registration is complete; if most people are looking only for skills review, we may not be able to offer basic training in this session. Contact Val van Veen at the email address given above to be sent a registration form that will include requested information about your current skills level and completed training.
Meeting Place Mine Lake boat launch/ beach access, 2 km beyond Village Bay Lake
Departure Time Session 1 – 8:30 am; Session 2 – 12:30 pm
Costs $55 per person
Trip limits 10 (5 per session)
Dogs? no
Notes: Space is very limited and participants will be registered on a first-come, first served basis. Deadline for mailing the registration form with payment is 8 June.

Trip Report – Paddling practice strokes, bracing, rescues 28 May 2014

We had a sunny, breezy day for our paddling practice at Mine Lake.  Jill, with help from Charlie, led a great session.  After a short talk on the beach, the eight of us kayaked over to a more sheltered bay in the southwest corner of the lake.  On the way over we practiced strokes and bracing.  Everyone did at least one successful dump and re-entry, but each person chose what they wanted to do and how much.  The water temperature was fine. We paddled through the narrows to Village Bay, practicing rafting up and getting an unconscious person back into a kayak along the way.   Then we paddled back to the boat launch with the rising northwest wind at our back.  We had drinks and snack on Les’ tailgate before packing up and leaving.  Thanks very much to Jill and Charlie for their tremendous help on this.

Some take-away ideas:  Practice bracing so you don’t end up dumping.  Stay with the group, it’s easier to rescue if you have help.  Don’t let go of your paddle or your boat.

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Paddling practice strokes, bracing, rescues 28 May 2014

Paddling practice strokes, bracing, rescues 28 May 2014

Activity Kayaking
Destination Mine Lake
Date 28 May 2014, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Jill Sampson
Contact Info 285- 3202
Description Practice kayak strokes, bracing and rescue techniques
Meeting Place Mine Lake boat launch.
Departure Time 1:00
Difficulty The difficulty will depend on what you want to do
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: You don’t have to dump in the water if you don’t want; you can come and practice strokes and bracing.  Bring dry clothes, towels and snacks.  We hope to have a fire on the beach.


Basic kayak navigation 28 May 2014


Activity Basic kayak navigation: tides and currents
Location TBA
Date 28 May 2014, Wednesday TBA
Instructor Valerie van Veen
Contact Info; 250 285 2329
Description This course will provide basic information on tides and currents for kayakers.  It is the second course in a series, following the course on charts and compass
Meeting Place TBA
Time 3:00 pm for two hours
basic, appropriate for all who want to understand tides and currents for kayakers
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Interested participants are encouraged to phone/email Valerie with any specific questions and what they are particularly interested in learning during this session.