Trip Report – Gowlland Harbour – 21 Dec 2021

Paddle into Winter (Solstice)

A very nice winter day provided an opportunity for seven club members to get together for a 2 hour paddle to celebrate the Solstice. With an icy boat launch at April Point and a skim of ice in the harbour it was a wintry day. We paddled out of the marina on calm seas, overcast skies and temperatures around freezing. The three paddlers that put in further east in Gowlland, paddled against the current in the channel and met up with us for the trip out and along Gowlland Island. We rounded the top of Gowlland with Steep Island on our port side and then altered course towards the smaller island group and away from a cold northerly breeze.

The group split up again and four of us rounded Doe Island and headed for April Point and rode the ebb current through the channel.

The highlight of the trip was watching the efforts of an eagle in its attempt to snare a cormorant for its afternoon meal.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 21 Dec 2021


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