Trip Report – Campbell River Waterfront – 9 Feb 2022

The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men and all that….it was supposed to be a “Hot Chocolate” walk but, while it was a good, brisk walk, unfortunately there was no hot chocolate, or coffee, hot or cold,  for that matter.  Meeting up after the 10am ferry, five enthusiastic walkers strode briskly south in a light drizzle along the Campbell River waterfront to our destination, FoggDukkers.  We enjoyed the opportunity to view the unique and moving Memorial Garden, the Yoda-like wood sculpture, and give our (inexpert) opinions on various dwellings along the route.  However, our intended hot chocolate stop was, sadly, closed.  We opted to not stay to have an early lunch at the intriguing ‘Big Garage‘ restaurant opposite, but did note this as a possible destination for a personal trip another time . And maybe the bad luck was in our favour as the weather closed in and turned to a thick drizzle as we headed back, a longer trip would have been very wet!  The fast walkers were on the 12:30 ferry heading home to dry out and enjoy hot chocolate, or soup, in comfort. (Note to self ….make sure to confirm with FD in person before committing to this walk in winter again )  (2 hours. 8.7 km)

Valerie van Veen

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Campbell River Waterfront – 9 Feb 2022


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