Trip Report – Main Lake – 22 Apr 2022

At the last minute, the trip coordinator was unable to come on the trip, but the remaining seven paddled out from the Mine Lake boat launch through the narrows and across Main Lake to a grassy pullout through the brush.  The morning was very calm and relatively warm.  From there, we hiked a short distance, starting along Clear Lake Creek.  We followed a flagged route most of the way to two big trees: a Douglas fir with a circumference of 8 metres and a Western Red Cedar with a circumference of 7.2 metres.  It seemed a fitting destination for Earth Day.  We briefly wandered through the open forest of Main Lake Provincial Park to a bluff and then returned to the shore for lunch.  Four of the group returned directly to the vehicles and the other three paddled along the shore to the east, exploring camping possibilities and trailheads.  We didn’t see another person during the paddle or the hike and it was a lovely peaceful trip.  11.0 km; 4 hours

Thanks to Norris, Terry and Jonathan for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Paddling/Hiking – Main Lake Provincial Park – 22 Apr 2022


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