Trip Report – Kanish Bay Paddle – 17 Aug 2022

Six paddlers got an early start – 9:15 – from the Granite Bay boat launch on a beautiful summer day, with the forecasted northwesterly looking very manageable. Taking a counter clockwise route this time we headed to Orchard Bay for a quick pit stop and a stretch. We headed along the north side of Kanish Bay for a couple of kilometers and then decided it was time to head across to the Chained Islands in case the wind got any stronger. We encountered some chop coming nearly broadside and then some interesting waves as we got close to the second last island. Circling this island we arrived at the campsite in a sheltered bay and had a leisurely lunch in the shade. As the day was getting much warmer a couple of us attempted a swim in the very chilly water.

Getting back on the water we cruised in the shelter of the islands along the south side of Kanish Bay. Several salmon were spotted jumping and a flock of mergansers were working hard to keep ahead of us. With the day getting much hotter it was a good time to head to the take out and go in search of cold beverages.  12.0 km; 4 hours.

Vic Gladish

(click on photos to enlarge)

Kayaking – Granite Bay and Beyond – 17 Aug 2022


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