Reconnaissance Report – Victoria Peak Ridge – 20 Aug 2022

We did this hike on impulse after the destination we had wanted was unavailable due to a locked gate on a logging road.  From Quadra it’s quite long as a day trip.  The drive from Campbell River was nearly 6 hours round trip.  And it was a very hot day.  Normally this is a route for climbers on their way to Victoria Peak, but we were after a hike to the sub-alpine with good views.  Forty-eight kilometres out from Sayward, we turned onto W79, which is signed as the road to Victoria Peak. This road is in decent condition and winds its way up fairly steeply.  There were 16 cross ditches, none of which were impossible, but it was very slow going.  After a while we decided to walk, but we could have driven another 2½ kilometres.  From the trailhead to the ridge it’s short, but quite steep.  A typical climbing access route, the path to the ridge rises 213 m over 713 m, for about a 30% incline.

Wandering along the sub-alpine ridge is very pleasant.  It continues up for a bit more than a kilometre until the ridge is quite level and more distant views are revealed.  There was significant heat haze, making it tricky to see Quadra from the ridge and there was forest fire smoke to the west from lightening strikes the night before in the Nimpkish Valley.

After lunch and a bit of exploring on the ridge, we headed back down, going quite slowly in the heat.  ( 8.6 km; 658 m elevation gain)  Once back on the logging road toward Sayward, we stopped at the White River Provincial Park to walk through the old growth grove to the White River.


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1 thought on “Reconnaissance Report – Victoria Peak Ridge – 20 Aug 2022

  1. Sounds like another good reason for us to keep our 4 Runner a bit longer!!! 😄😄thanks for a great report🙏👍 Val

    Wees Voorzichtig Valerie’s Lilypad


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