Trip Report – Mushroom Hike – 12 Oct 2016

A dozen club members and guests enjoyed the sunny if cool weather to check out the mushrooms growing along Community Centre trails. After a brief discussion about how to properly collect specimens, we headed out in two groups to collect as many types of fungi as we could find. We then assembled at Marian McMeekin’s home to eat our packed lunches and spread out our finds for identification. (We also enjoyed two mushroom appetizers – Chanterelles Ajillo (a garlicky spicy treat) and a Chanterelle/Walnut pate).

With the help of Marian and Hanna Lewandowski, several mushroom field guides and the identification program “Matchmaker”, we identified a good number of the specimens found, including several edibles (pine mushrooms, chanterelles, milkcaps and honey mushrooms).   It was an interesting and enjoyable day.


Naturalist – Mushroom Hike – 12 Oct 2016


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