Trip Report – Mt Washington – 4 Jan 2017

We had a perfect winter day for our trip to the Mt. Washington area. It was cold and clear, but warmer on the hill than on Quadra. The ferry crossing was beautiful and there were Orca for added entertainment. We snowshoed from Rampart Hill and arrived early enough that it was not too busy. The 10 of us started up the logging road, taking the route climbing up to the views of the Strait of Georgia and mainland mountains. The scenery was awesome and we’re pretty sure that we could see Mt. Baker faintly to the southeast. The snow had been beautifully sculpted in places, but was mostly very light and powdery still. We gradually worked our way toward Rampart Creek, stopping for lunch in the open sunshine before climbing up to a distinctive steep bluff. We then downclimbed a steep slope with small trees and returned to the logging road to take us back to the vehicles. We passed only a few others on snowshoes and some of them were from Quadra. Altogether a beautiful day. 6.0 km ; 3½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Snow – Mt Washington 4 Jan 2017


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