Trip Report – Haskin’s Farm Loop – 11 Jan 2017


We had a beautiful, sunny, cold day for this hike to Haskin’s Farm. We had planned for a simple walk due to snow and ice on trails and roads. However, conditions near sea level were quite good. Seven of us improvised a bit on the plan. We started on the logging road which parallels the Haskin’s Farm Trail, making a nice alley through impressive trees, but skipping the farm. We visited the short Todd’s Loop Trail (a memorial to Todd Scharf), passing through a varied forest, and then continued on to the shoreline viewpoint. Everyone admired the view of Sutil Channel and mainland mountains, soaked up sunshine and warmth before continuing on the unofficial trail heading north along the shore to some excellent old growth Fir. We skirted the private homes and walked up to the golf course for some walking in open spaces with sunshine. 6.4 km; 2 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Haskin’s Farm Loop – 11 Jan 2017


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