Trip Report – Morte Lake & Dead Fish – 18 Jan 2017

The trip to Salmon Point was postponed due to rain, wind and fog on Wednesday morning. Having rained more than 50mm in the last two days, it was really wet out. However, five hardy souls decided to substitute a more sheltered walk and headed out. We walked to the eastern beach at Morte Lake. The trail was quite wet and has seen some erosion with the winter rains. All of the creeks and waterfalls were very active. The group was keen to continue so we walked around the east end of the Lake, hiking up Nirvana and Seven Deadly Sins to the open bluff. We had a watercolour view from there of nearby hills and Discovery Passage before heading down Dead Fish to make a loop returning to the vehicles. This is a lovely walk through open forest, including lakes, creeks and views. The rain diminished and there was a bit of blue sky by the time we finished. 7.3 km; 2½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)




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