Trip Report – Kayak Practice – 23 June 2022

Five club members met at Mine Lake to practice kayak rescues. As it was sunny, but cool and windy, blowing onshore, the decision was made not to paddle to another location and practice was held close to the boat launch. Participants discussed deck layout, paddle floats, and a dry running of a paddle float rescue and a group rescue.

Participants got in their boats or entered the water to practice solo rescues, including paddle float rescues with and without a sling assist. One couple also practised an assisted rescue involving two boats. Everyone seemed to be happy that they tried at least one rescue, and all came to the conclusion that rescue skills greatly diminish over a year’s period, and that at least two practices a year would definitely be beneficial and make paddlers more confident.

We had a relaxing lunch onshore as the day warmed up and two paddled along the south shore of Mine Lake and into the narrows, while the others returned home.

Brent Henry

(click on photos to enlarge)

Kayaking Practice – Mine Lake – 23 June 2022


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