Trip Report – Paddling practice strokes, bracing, rescues 28 May 2014

We had a sunny, breezy day for our paddling practice at Mine Lake.  Jill, with help from Charlie, led a great session.  After a short talk on the beach, the eight of us kayaked over to a more sheltered bay in the southwest corner of the lake.  On the way over we practiced strokes and bracing.  Everyone did at least one successful dump and re-entry, but each person chose what they wanted to do and how much.  The water temperature was fine. We paddled through the narrows to Village Bay, practicing rafting up and getting an unconscious person back into a kayak along the way.   Then we paddled back to the boat launch with the rising northwest wind at our back.  We had drinks and snack on Les’ tailgate before packing up and leaving.  Thanks very much to Jill and Charlie for their tremendous help on this.

Some take-away ideas:  Practice bracing so you don’t end up dumping.  Stay with the group, it’s easier to rescue if you have help.  Don’t let go of your paddle or your boat.

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Paddling practice strokes, bracing, rescues 28 May 2014

Camp, Kayak, Hike Cortes 5-7 Aug 2014

Activity Camp, Kayak, Hike.
Destination Cortes Island
Date 5-7 August 2013, Tuesday-Thursday
Trip Coordinator Margot Wood
Contact Info 285-2393,
Description Two nights stay at Smelt Bay Provincial Park. 1) Kayak Squirrel Cove to visit Ha’thayim Long House continue in bay & to Junction Point. 2) Smelt Bay to Hollyhock, beautiful tidal waters, visit Hollyhock garden, kayak to Hank’s Beach & North Twin Island. 3) Mansons Lagoon to Marina Island. 4) Hike Easter Bluff Trail. All these trips are dependent on weather/wind conditions.
Meeting Place Ferry Line Up for Cortes
Departure Time 09:05 Ferry
Costs Camp site, ferry.
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Smelt Bay Provincial Park is a beautiful camp site but fills up quickly. One camp site is booked. Each camp site will accommodate 4 adults.Need tent, kayak, food. Water available at the camp site.

Squirrel Cove has a general store & gas bar. Ha’thayim Lodge is in a gorgeous setting & a magnificent building overlooking the ocean. Lots of interesting shorelines in the bay & onto Junction Point.

Smelt Bay, Hollyhock, Hank’s Beach, North Twin Island, an interesting tidal water trip. Hollyhock has a beautiful garden that we can wander. Hank’s Beach is the newest park on Cortes with many intriguing rock formations. North Twin Island has many lovely tidal pools around its shoreline.

Manson’s Lagoon to Marina Island, interesting islands, Gorge Harbour plus Shark Spit, a lovely place to have lunch. Great returning at tide change.

Easter Bluff Trail – this trail is part of Linnaea Farm, parts are steep & rocky but worth the workout to see the gorgeous views at the top overlooking Cortes Bay.

The trips will be scheduled to meet weather conditions for safety & enjoyment.

Return on the afternoon of the 7th.

Trip Report – Morte Lake Loop – 21 May 2014

We had a great group of eight hikers, but not great weather for this hike around Morte Lake. The day started with overcast and worked up to drizzle and rain.

We used some route variations to make this loop around Morte Lake, rather than the official maintained trail. We started on George’s flagged route which leaves directly from the parking lot and climbs steeply up to the ridge south of the creek flowing from Little Morte Lake. Everyone helped to find the next flag and we stayed on course. The mossy bluffs and death camas were lovely, but the views were quite limited by the weather. From the ridge summit we joined the under-construction mountain bike trails that lead along the ridge, down to a saddle and up again to the Dead Fish mountain bike trail. We continued on mountain bike trails down to the official maintained trail and then followed the trail clockwise around Morte Lake. We stopped for lunch at the southwest lake viewpoint and admired the sandy beaches along the way. After Little Lake we crossed the creek and re-joined the mountain bike trail, through an open forest with good views of the creek. There were newts and oyster mushroom along the way. About 11.5 km, a bit more than 4 hours.

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Some of the posted photos were taken on a sunnier day earlier in May.

Hike Morte Lake Loop – 21 May 2014

Paddling practice strokes, bracing, rescues 28 May 2014

Activity Kayaking
Destination Mine Lake
Date 28 May 2014, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Jill Sampson
Contact Info 285- 3202
Description Practice kayak strokes, bracing and rescue techniques
Meeting Place Mine Lake boat launch.
Departure Time 1:00
Difficulty The difficulty will depend on what you want to do
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: You don’t have to dump in the water if you don’t want; you can come and practice strokes and bracing.  Bring dry clothes, towels and snacks.  We hope to have a fire on the beach.


Trip Report – Main Lake 12-14 May 2014

Five club members enjoyed the first multi-day paddle of the season, camping at Main Lake and touring all the corners of the park.  We set off from the Mine Lake boat launch on an overcast Monday morning which turned to drizzle later in the day.  As the campsite is well equipped with a picnic table and a frame above it for setting up tarps, we were comfortable and dry.  In the afternoon, we paddled down to the south end of Village Bay Lake to the fish counting gate, and returned for an excellent supper featuring prawns in garlic butter, supplied by Les.  After a drizzly night, Tuesday dawned sunny and calm.  With high water levels, we were able to paddle up the channel to Little Main Lake – a highlight of the trip.  One of the group headed home in the afternoon due to a bad cold, while the rest enjoyed the campfire, the moonrise and a nocturnal visit from a rather large frog.  On Wednesday morning we paddled to the east end of Main Lake, walked the old portage trail to Yeatman Bay and enjoyed the view from the tidal island at the mouth of the bay.   We arrived back at the launch site about two o’clock.

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Paddling/camping Main Lake 12-14 May 2014

Basic kayak navigation 28 May 2014


Activity Basic kayak navigation: tides and currents
Location TBA
Date 28 May 2014, Wednesday TBA
Instructor Valerie van Veen
Contact Info; 250 285 2329
Description This course will provide basic information on tides and currents for kayakers.  It is the second course in a series, following the course on charts and compass
Meeting Place TBA
Time 3:00 pm for two hours
basic, appropriate for all who want to understand tides and currents for kayakers
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Interested participants are encouraged to phone/email Valerie with any specific questions and what they are particularly interested in learning during this session.


Paddling/camping Octopus Islands 2-4 June 2014

Activity Multi-day Paddle
Destination Octopus Islands
Date June 2 – 4; Monday to Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info or 285 2739
Description A three-day, two night paddle and camping trip to the Octopus Islands via Beazley Passage/Surge Narrows. This is a very scenic area that offers opportunities for both paddling and hiking (to Newton Lake and/or from Waiatt Bay to Small Inlet).
Meeting Place Discovery Islands Lodge, almost at the end of Surge Narrows road.  Driving time 45-50 minutes from the Cove.
Departure Time One p.m. in order to transit the Narrows just before slack, which is 1:54 p.m.  Allow at least one hour to unload cars and pack kayaks, so arrive by noon at the lodge.
Cost Launching fee – $10.00 per kayak (special reduced price for the Club!)
Trip limits 8 (no more than 6 tents, preferably 4)
Dogs? no
Notes: Please let the coordinator know at least 4 days before the trip if you will be going – by email, please.  The trip is weather dependent and the final ‘call’ will be made by email by 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 1.  Trip participants must be capable of self-rescue.  You can drive down to the dock at the lodge to unload, but cars must be parked in the upper parking lot.   If you are the first to arrive, please walk down the hill from one of the upper parking lots to make sure there is room to bring vehicles down to unload.  If you are interested in renting a kayak for this trip, please contact Coast Mountain Expeditions directly.