Trip Report – Hopespring – Homewood Loop – 24 May 2017

Ten hikers and three dogs enjoyed a three and a half hour hike on a loop of trails and routes in the Heriot Ridge area. The weather was sunny and cool with a brisk northwest wind blowing. Starting at the Hopespring trailhead, we walked up to the height of land, then headed south along Heriot Ridge. Our first stop was the location of the new North Island communication tower. From there we dropped off the south end of the ridge and proceeded south through the woods to High Bluff where we had great views south and west.   We hiked west on the High Bluff trail, then south on Gowlland Harbour trail to Homewood Bluff where we stopped for lunch and enjoyed more views west to the Vancouver Island Mountains.   Dropping off the east side of Homewood Bluff, we picked up the High Bluff trail back to High Bluff, then north across Heriot Ridge to Hopespring trail and back to the vehicles. The wildflowers on the open bluffs of Heriot Ridge were a bonus.  5.9 km.


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Hiking – Hopespring – Homewood Loop – 24 May 2017


Trip Report – Cortes Island – 15-18 May 2017

Day 1: Eight energetic hikers left for four hiking days on Cortes Island. On arrival at Cortes we drove to Carrington Trails. We took the main trail to the lagoon, which is an old dirt road. At the lagoon it was a delight to see purple star fish. On the trails there were lots of beautiful wild flowers. We walked on to Grandmothers’ Grove, ate our lunch and then continued through the mature forests. (10.5 km; 3½ hour)  The Forest Trust for the children of Cortes Island has been formed to protect these forestlands. Our group donated $60 at the end of our trip to the Forest Trust for the children of Cortes.

We packed our baggage into the Linnaea Farm House and chose our rooms. We then drove to Hank’s Beach for a short walk through the forest to a secluded wide sandy beach, overlooking Twin Islands. Beautiful rock formations, all enjoyed a good climb. Unfortunately it was pretty windy. (2.9 km; 1 hour)  Returned to Linnaea Farm. Team 1 prepared a delicious dinner along with wine and active communication. Had a wonderful log fire in the room at the  farmhouse.

Day 2: After breakfast, we put on our hiking boots. A beautiful day filled with sunshine.  Janis led the group into Kw’as Park, we vowed to spend the entire day in the park because we had never walked all its wonderful trails. 173 acre park,  20% of the park is still virgin old growth and the rest is mature second growth forest. The trails led through a number of rugged areas, many steep areas overlooking Gunflint and Hague Lakes. Magnificent old growth groves. We climbed ladders, held onto ropes to enable us to reach the high manzanita covered bluffs. We ate lunch overlooking Gunflint Lake and then upward and onward to the Summit. This was a superb day and returned to the farm house filled up with its beauty.  (14.2 km; 7½ hours)  Team 2 prepared another delicious dinner, some joined Janis in needed yoga moves. All ready for a good nights sleep.

Day 3: Breakfast. We took the cars and drove to near Squirrel Cove to take the trail to Von Donop Marine Park. Debbie and Norris led us on this trail. The first part of the trail was well maintained and marked. Later we came across wind-fallen trees and all managed bush whacking over and around trees. Again, a lovely forested area, we took the trail that led to Mud Bay. This bay is a beauty, lovely warm coloured rocks, small inlets, a boaters paradise. Enjoyed eating our lunch and taking in the surrounding beauty. Returned to the trail and hiked back to the trail head. (12.1 km; 5 hours)  Returned to Linnaea Farm.  Five of us hiked up to Easter Bluff. This trail is steep and rocky in many places, a really good work-out.  Gorgeous views at the top overlooking the south and west end of Cortes Island and the snow covered mountains. A lovely clear afternoon allowing us to see over to Powell River and beyond. (5.9 km; 2½ hours)  We treated ourselves to pizza for dinner followed by dessert. Julie led a few of us in a crazy board game.  Norris lit and kept an amazing fire going in the room.

Day 4: Packed our bags, ate breakfast. Moved our baggage out to the cars. We drove to Green Mountain trailhead. The trail was a steep trek and part of the trail looked like a streambed. The view at the top of Green Mountain is spectacular, overlooking Gorge Harbour, Marina Island, Quadra and to the mountains beyond. Beautiful rock ledges, old growth, manzanita covered slopes with huge arbutus. We hiked the loop and then continued on to Nutshell Lake. A small lake which the locals use for skating in the winter. Beautiful wild flowers along the edge of the lake. Ate our lunches on a warm rocky slope. Picked up a newly made biking trail and returned to the trailhead. (7.2 km; 3¼ hours)  We then drove to the ferry and returned to Quadra with our memories of Cortes.

This was four packed days of hiking, seeing and experiencing the beauty of Cortes, great food, laughter, wonderful company with eight wonderful hikers from Quadra. A truly beautiful happening.


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Multi-day Hiking – Cortes Island – 15-18 May 2017

Trip Report – Ripple Rock – 10 May 2017

We met on the 9:00 ferry and drove 16 km north from Campbell River to the start of the Ripple Rock Trail. Seven of us set out – but eight came back, because we met a lone hiker on the way out who joined us for the return trip. We had six club members and one guest from Ontario. The weather cooperated and we were soon peeling off layers as the day warmed up.

The trail was muddy in spots because of all the recent rain, but the path is easy to follow. There were some steep sections but nothing challenging. We crossed several metal bridges and after the final 47-step staircase, we reached the top. We ate our lunch overlooking Seymour Narrows, and the site of the former Ripple Rock. It was interesting to see the endpoint of Quadra’s Maud Island hike from this viewpoint.

We passed several groups of hikers and dogs along the way – when we arrived there was only 1 other car in the parking lot. By the time we left, there were 11 vehicles.   The 9.6 km hike took 4 hours, with short stops at each viewpoint along the way and a generous stop for lunch.


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Hiking – Ripple Rock – 10 May 2017

Kayaking Training – Main Lake Provincial Park – 6 June 2017

Activity Kayak training session
Destination Main Lake Provincial Park
Date 6 June 2017, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell; Instructor Douglas Taylor
Contact Info
Registration: Please contact Darcy no later than May 15 to receive a registration form for one or both sessions. Payment in full must accompany registration; registration deadline is May 25. Payment is non-refundable, unless you are able to find someone to take your place by the registration deadline.
Description 1) Three hour training/refresher on assisted kayak rescue and self-rescue. The session will begin with a review of basic safety and paddling skills.
2) A second three hour session, in the afternoon, on edging and maneuvering will be offered intermediate or advanced paddlers.
Meeting Place Boat launch at Mine Lake, 2 km beyond Village Bay Lake
Departure Time Meet at the boat launch by 8:30 to be ready to start at 9:00 for the morning session.
The afternoon session would start at 1 p.m.
Costs $55 per person for one session or $100 for both
Trip limits 6 people per session
Dogs? no
Notes: All participants must provide their own kayaks and all safety equipment, including PFD, paddle float, pump, sponge, whistle. Wet suits are strongly advised (if you need a wetsuit, the trainer or other club members may have spares to loan – mention to Darcy when you register).

Bring warm drinks and warm clothing as we can get pretty chilled.

Trip Report – Gowlland Harbour – 4 May 2017

A magnificent day, the mist was floating through the harbour in the morning and before mid-day the sun broke through. Six kayakers took this trip, we began at Gowlland Harbour Resort Boat launch. Kayaked around Fawn Island, the islands had wonderful displays of yellow, pink and blue wildflowers, extra succulent this year because of all the moisture. Kayaked around Stag Island, seals sunning themselves, counted a number of eagles plus the geese showing off their babies. Enjoyed lunch on May Island, here the eagles gave us a display. Kayaked over the boat wreck and then over to the shores of Quadra. The rockface with cascading water and wildflowers was amazing. We were filled up with beauty. Returned to the boat launch at 3.p.m. We all enjoyed this magical spring display.  9.1km; 3½ hours.


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Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 4 May 2017

Trip Report – Chinese Mountains – 2 May 2017

After two cancellations, the weather finally cooperated and five people were able to do this hike. We went up the south side of South Chinese Mountain and the trail was in good condition. Although hazy in the distance, the cloud cover was high enough for a good view. The wind was blowing so we came back to the north view to eat lunch. The waterfall in the distance on the mainland was quite noticeable with the high water flow from the spring melt.

After lunch we went down the north side and then up to North Chinese Mountain. These are great hikes for a bit of cardio and lovely views. 5 KM and 3 Hours


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Hiking – Chinese Mountains – 2 May 2017