Trip Report – Heriot Ridge Route – 27 Oct 2021

On Wednesday six hikers did the Heriot Ridge Route, counterclockwise for a change, starting on Thompson Road. It was a gorgeous sun and cloud mixed morning although a bit cool. This was a big change from the heavy rain and wind of the prior two days. The trail was wet with slippery rocks but in good condition. There was plenty of fall colours and green moss bluffs. Views from the open bluffs were awesome as usual. 5.6 km and 2 hours


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos.

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Hiking – Thompson Trail – Heriot Ridge Loop – 27 Oct 2021


Trip Report – Cultural Walk – 20 Oct 2021

In honour of Truth and Reconciliation the QI Outdoor Club undertook a unique outing this week. Ten members, and one prospective member, went on an urban walk with a Reconciliation theme. Starting at the “Silver Lining” sculpture (K. McKenzie) with its accompanying homage to the missing children of Canada’s Indian Residential “Schools” (IRS) we set out on our urban “hike”. Downhill to the ferry, across the Passage, and then a sweat-inducing uphill walk to the Laichwiltach Family Society complex on 4th Avenue, on a typical fall day. After being welcomed there by two resident Elders we were introduced to Carey Newman’s “Witness Blanket”, a national monument to recognize the atrocities of the IRS. We spent time studying the replica of this monument (the original is at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg; see for more information) and then heard the very impactful stories of two survivors of residential school. To help each one of us process the emotions and learnings of our experience, our Elder Hosts did a cedar brushing ceremony before our departure.

The next part of our journey took us on a short downhill walk to the Campbell River Museum and the “Sacred Journey” exhibit. This stunning multimedia exhibit is in its last weeks before moving on to Victoria and beyond. Produced by Heiltsuk Hemas, Frank Brown, to celebrate the history and renaissance of Pacific North West Coast canoe culture and 30 years of tribal journeys, the exhibit was made possible by the creative talents of several Quadra Islanders.

From the museum we continued our urban walk along Thulin Drive and back into downtown Campbell River where we took our lunch stop at the Crooked Spoon Cafe on Shoppers Row. This was a first for many of the group and the food and service received a very strong endorsement from all. The planned continuation of the trip to Tyee Spit was modified at this point. Well satiated on a big lunch and plenty of discussion, we all decided to continue the day doing our own thing!


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Cultural Walk – Campbell River – 20 Oct 2021

Trip Report – Newcomers’ Hike – 16 Oct 2021

Six hikers enjoyed a Wet Coast ramble through the beautiful Community Trails on our first-ever “Newcomers” hike. Three Club members were thrilled to welcome three Newcomers, and one “would-be” who was stuck in Nanaimo.  (Hope you are able to join us on an outing soon, Norma!) Though we had originally planned an excursion through the lovely bike/hike trails south of Walcan Road, in the face of our latest monsoon we opted for the Community Trails, less muddy and slippery and more conducive to a relaxed outing. The ramble was ably led by Les, now the Community Trails expert thanks to his self-directed rehab after his leg surgery. Welcome back,Les! We saw many fungi of various sorts, and a downed, rotten alder was a good visual reminder of the dangers of being in the woods in the windstorms. As always, the Community Trails reminded us why we are so lucky to call Quadra our home, as “oldtimers” and as “newcomers”.  2¾ hrs, 7 km

Valerie van Veen 

Thanks to Valerie, Les and everyone who contributed photos.

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Hiking – Newcomers’ Hike – 16 Oct 2021

Hiking – Thompson Trail-Heriot Ridge Loop – 27 Oct 2021

Activity Hiking
Destination Thompson Trail – Heriot Ridge – Hopespring Trail
Date 27 Oct, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029; please contact by 25th
Description We will go up from Thompson Road, do Heriot Ridge and back down to Hopespring Rd. This is a varied forest and good views on the bluffs. About 5km and 2 hours.
Will be rescheduled if bad weather.
Meeting Place End of Thompson road
Departure Time 10:00
Easy to moderate
Costs None
Trip limits 8
Dogs? No
Notes: You might want to bring a snack but will not stop for lunch

Trip Report – Quinsam River trails – 13 Oct 2021

Five of us set out on the Quinsam River Nature Trail on a cloudy day made colourful by the colour of the Big Leaf Maples.  The trail was quite busy with people walking and fishing. As we followed the path along the river up to the road near the Quinsam River fish hatchery, we could see a few salmon making their way up stream to spawn.  We crossed over the road to follow the Tom Sawyer mountain bike trail. This trail rises quickly to a bluff overlooking the river, passes by some interesting mountain bike jumps and through a lovely mature forest.  On a fall weekday, we had this trail all to ourselves.  With the leaves still on the trees we only had peek-a-boo views of the river dramatically below us.  We hiked this as an out-and-back, stopping well short of the end of the Tom Sawyer trail at the logging road with the metal post , where we paused for lunch and then hikied back.  As we returned along the Quinsam River Nature Trail we had the treat of watching a very healthy black bear catch two large salmon and quickly eat them.  He was unfazed by the audience. 11.8 km; 4 hours.
Thanks to Norris and Carrie for the photos

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Hiking – Quinsam River Trails – 13 Oct 2021

Trip Report – Mt. Elma – 8 Oct 2021

Every good plan … needs a Plan B … or two. The forecast for Wednesday was not looking good, so we moved the trip to Mt. Drabble to Friday. As we were driving south Friday in the rain and cloud, it was clear that the forecast was over-optimistic, and a long drive and a long hike to Mt. Drabble only to be in the clouds was not what we had in mind. So we decided to hike up Mt. Elma instead. Easier driving, easier hiking. That was the new plan.

As we were driving up to Mount Washington, we hit the snow line. It was clear yesterday, but it snowed last night. So what we thought was going to be a late summer trip was now an early winter trip. The trail and bushes were plastered with about 5 cm of wet snow. And it was raining, or maybe it was snowing, it was hard to tell. The hike on the snow covered boardwalks of Paradise Meadows to the Mt. Elma trailhead went quickly. Then the trail goes up steeply and there are a few places where it is quite steep. These were a bit slippery in the snow, but soon we were on to the summit ridge. Which is always very nice, no matter what the weather. It is a sloped meadow with sparse trees. And in our case the fog of being in the clouds. We hiked all the way to the end, where there is a super nice viewpoint. We couldn’t see anything, but it was still super nice. It was like a spring skiing day, without the sun, but still warm, as we ate lunch. Surprisingly, the whisky jack regulars were not there. There were a few quick moments with blue sky above us and when there was a slight gap in the clouds where we could see hints of the mountains around us. Impressive, but nothing that shows up on a photo. We figure we were just below the tops of the clouds. On the trip back down the ridge we watched a pair of grouse. The descent down the hill was harder than going up because now all the snow was melting making the trail very slippery. And the snow in the trees was melting and raining on us. Early spring. For variety, we hiked the rest of the lakes loop going back, and the trail along Helen Mackenzie Lake was wet. Very wet and muddy. When we were back on the boardwalks, they had less snow on them, but they were still slippery. But we made it back to the cars and declared it was a good, successful outing anyway. And we did get to see lots of very nice fall colours. Blueberry bushes instead of tree leaves. 14.0km; 420m elevation gain; 6 hours.


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Hiking – Mt. Elma – 28 July 2021

Hiking – Newcomers’ Walk – 16 Oct 2021

Activity Hiking
Destination Trails South of Walcan Rd
Date 16 Oct, Saturday
Trip Coordinator Valerie van Veen
Contact Info;  250 285 2329
Description This is an opportunity for newcomers to the Club, to Quadra, to hiking on Quadra, to enjoy a relaxed hike with Club members to learn more about our club and our activities.
Meeting Place Morte Lake parking lot
Departure Time 10:00
Easy to moderate
Costs None
Trip limits None
Dogs? No
Notes: A relaxed hike on lovely forest trails, about 2 hours. Bring a snack, be dressed for weather. Hikers must keep distance when stopped. Must register with trip coordinator by Thursday Oct 14.

Trip Report – Mt. Seymour – 1 Oct 2021

A small group of five hikers gathered at the trailhead, hopeful of improving weather. The trail was in very good shape and we made our way, over the next two hours, to the summit of Quadra’s highest point. As the weather did cooperate, we arrived dry, except for sweat, and with clear views in all directions.
After lunch and a good rest we descended in good time and congratulated each other on a very nice outing on a fine Autumn day.
4.5 hours.


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Hiking – Mt. Seymour – 29 Sept 2021