Cultural Walk – Campbell River – 20 Oct 2021

Activity Urban / Cultural Walk
Destination Laichwiltach Family Life Society, Campbell River Museum, and Tyee Spit
Date 20 Oct. 2021, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Vic Gladish
Contact Info; 250-285-2111; (cell 250-287-0459)
Description In Honour of Truth and Reconciliation Day (September 30) this will be an urban walking experience from Q-Cove to the Laichwiltach Family Life Society to experience “The Witness Blanket” ( ) and then to the Museum at Campbell River to see the Sacred Journey exhibit ( to be immersed in the resurging Indigenous canoe culture.
From the museum we will proceed to an optional lunch stop at Crooked Spoon
Cafe OR bag lunch at Robert Ostler Park. Those that prefer a shorter day can take the next ferry home. Others are welcome to continue the urban experience and head out to the Tyee Spit trail (via the Wei Wai Kum gift shop/gallery, netloft and cemetery) and back to the ferry terminal.
Distance/time from Museum to Tyee Spit to Ferry is approximately 6.5 km/ 1.75 hours.
Meeting Place Quathiaski Cove Plaza Parking
Departure Time 8:30 for the 9:00 ferry on foot
Costs Museum – $7 for senior; Laichwiltach Society – by donation?;
Trip limits 12
Dogs? No
Notes: 1. For more on the Witness Blanket and its creator, Carey Newman, visit
2. QIOC is booked for 10:00 am with an Elder/Survivor to introduce us to the Witness Blanket.
3. To respect our hosts and because some of this activity is inside and discretionary, participants need to be fully vaccinated and use a mask when indoors.

Hiking – Trout Creek Falls – 3 Nov 2021

This hike has been postponed due to weather.

Activity Hiking
Destination Trout Creek Falls
Date 3 Nov, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info; 250-285-3710.  Please contact the coordinator by Monday evening.
Description We will drive out Menzies Main a short distance to the trailhead for Trout Creek.  This undulating and varied trail passes by three falls, each very different and scenic.  The trail is basic and it may be a bit muddy, rooty and rocky.  There are a few steep sections, but it’s quite short overall.  About 5km; 2½ hours.
Meeting Place QCove ferry terminal
Departure Time 10:00; drivers will need to be early to ensure that they can board
Costs Ferry
Trip limits 10

Trip Report – Granite Bay – 23 Sept 2021

Eight paddlers enjoyed the great autumn weather on September 23, launching from Granite Bay about 10:00 a.m.  It was mostly sunny and nearly calm.  With a short break in the Chained Islets, we paddled across Kanish Bay to Granite Point and stopped to admire the pictographs on the dramatic cliff east of the point. We skipped a planned stop at Orchard Bay, as time was marching on, but stopped for a short lunch break on Shell Island, the tidal island just outside the entrance to Granite Bay. Back to the ramp about 2:30.  15.9 km; 5 hours.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Kayaking – Granite Bay -23 Sept 2021

Hiking – Quinsam River Trails – 13 Oct 2021

Activity Hiking
Destination Quinsam River Trails
Date 13 Oct, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info; 250-285-3710.  Please contact the coordinator by Monday evening.
Description We will hike along the west side of the Quinsam River, using hiking and mountain bike trails.  This follows a variety of low and high bank along a picturesque river.  There will be some muddy sections and possibly trail damage from dirt bikes.  About 12.6km; 3½ hours.
Meeting Place QCove ferry terminal
Departure Time 9:00; drivers will need to be early to ensure that they can board
Costs Ferry
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No

Hiking – Mt. Drabble, Strathcona Park – 6 Oct 2021

This hike has been postponed until Friday, 8 Oct.  Stay in touch with the coordinator.

Activity Hiking
Destination Mt. Drabble, Strathcona Park
Date 8 Oct, Friday 6 Oct, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info; 250-285-3710.  Please contact the coordinator by Monday evening.
Description The approach to Mt. Drabble will be from a logging road off of Strathcona Parkway on the way to Mt. Washington.  The logging road drive is fairly long and slightly deteriorated since the Club last drove it, but still possible without 4×4.  We will walk the last steep part of the logging road and follow a cairned route up the mostly sub-alpine ridge to Mt. Drabble.  There is one major dip in the ridge before the summit, which offers great views of the Forbidden Plateau in good weather.  12.5 km; 6+ hours; 650m elevation gain.
Meeting Place QCove ferry terminal
Departure Time 8:00 am ferry; drivers need to be early to ensure loading.
Moderate to challenging for the length of the day, elevation and altitude gain.
Costs Ferry
Trip limits
Dogs? No
Notes: This is a long day, now that the days are shorter than the nights.  Come prepared for mountain conditions.

Trip Report – Texada Island – 7-11 Sept 2021

What originally was planned as a kayak trip to Jedediah Island morphed into a trip to Texada Island, mostly to hike. Four of us took three ferries the day after Labour Day to reach Shingle Beach on a beautiful afternoon.  We settled in to the spacious campsites at the Forestry Recreation Site and enjoyed walking and relaxing on the beach. The beach walk south lead to an old homestead and a cabin in ruins. (3.2 km; 1¼ hours)  We watched the sunset from the bluffs.

(click to enlarge photos)

On Wednesday morning we kayaked south from Shingle Beach in steadily increasing southeast wind. We had no fixed destination and returned to the beach as the white caps pushed us home. (5.7 km; 1½ hours)  In the afternoon, we drove to Shelter Point and walked the gentle Kay Garner nature walk. This trail loops first along a shore bluff on Mouat Bay and then through the forest. The ocean views and old growth were excellent. (3.8 km; 1 hour)  After dinner we again enjoyed the sunset from bluffs at the campground.

After some night rain, Thursday was mostly overcast. We hiked up to the Mt. Pocahontas summit at 462m, which was the site of Canada’s first fire lookout in 1924. This fairly short hike is rewarded with excellent views of Malaspina Inlet and mainland mountains to the east, and Lesqueti, Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island to the west. Part of the group continued on to other nearby viewpoints (7.9 km; 3¼ hours) while others went to Emily Lake to look for turtles, which are common on Texada.  Everyone browsed through Van Anda and some stopped at beaches on Gillies and Davie Bays on the way back to the campsite.  Just above the Shingle Beach campsite, we hiked the short, rambling Colossus Grove trail with an exceptional old growth cedar tree (0.9km).

On Friday, we drove uphill on good-condition logging roads to Bob’s Lake, another Forestry Recreation site with camping.  The lake was beautiful, quiet and very inviting as a camping destination.  Nearby, we hiked up to Mt. Davies with the summit at 609m.  This hike was even shorter than the Mt. Pocahontas hike and mostly through a beautiful, mossy forest with completely open understory.  After enjoying the 360° views during lunch, we hiked on looking for the viewpoint from Mt. Blood.  We underestimated the number of routes flagged with identical flagging tape in the area and some ended up elsewhere, but all had great views.  Some of us swam in Bob’s Lake before returning to the campground for dinner. (5.5km; 3¼ hours)

Three of us were able to linger for a hike on Saturday before returning home.  It was quite windy and lightly raining. We headed to the north end of Texada and hiked in the Eagle Cove Trail system. We made a loop which included a gnome village, some hard walking on rocky, mossy terrain along circuitous trails, dramatic bluffs above wetlands and really impressive bluffs along the Malaspina Inlet shore.

We enjoyed Texada much more than we expected with its amazing variety and beauty, and felt we could have spent much longer exploring trails, lakes, beaches and logging roads.  We hope to go back.


Thanks to Norris and Vikki for the photos

Kayaking – Granite Bay – 23 Sept 2021

Activity Kayaking
Destination Granite Bay/Small Inlet or Granite Point
Date 23 Sept, Thursday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info (preferred); 250 923 5540
Description Depending on conditions, we’ll paddle from Granite Bay to the Chained Islets and to Granite Point, returning via Orchard Bay, or to Small Inlet, with a hike through to Waiatt Bay.  We will be back at the boat launch by 3:00
Meeting Place Granite Bay boat launch
Departure Time 9:30 a.m. for 10:00 a.m. launch
Easy/moderate depending on conditions
Costs Parking/launch at Granite Bay ($5.00)
Trip limits 6
Dogs? No
Notes: Please contact the Trip Coordinator 48 hours before the trip to confirm your attendance. A go/no go decision that reflects the weather forecast will be made by noon the day preceding the trip date.
Must have equipment that meets club and coast guard regulations.  Bring lunch and gear for the weather.