Naturalist – Mushroom Hike – 12 October 2016

 This trip is full, but you can contact the coordinator to be added to the waitlist.

Activity Naturalist outing
Destination Mushroom Hike on Quadra
Date 12 October 2016, Wednesday, weather permitting and mushrooms around.
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell, with Marian McMeekin
Contact Info or 286-6075; please contact the coordinator by Monday if you are interested
Description Walk to collect mushrooms and do some basic identification.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot for car pooling
Departure Time 10:00
Costs none
Trip limits 12 people
Dogs? no
Notes: Trip length 4-5 hours. Bring lunch and collecting gear (bucket or basket, knife, brown paper bags and wax paper if you’re interested in collecting specimens, mushroom id books).

Trip Report – Mt. Albert Edward – 25-27 Aug 2016

For the effort it takes to get to the top of Mt. Albert Edward, you want to get the reward, the great view. The weather forecast was for hot and sunny. Up until the last moment and then it changed to cloudy and rain, so we moved the trip a few days earlier so we would only have rain on the walk out, with luck. So four of us packed up our backpacks and headed in to Circlet Lake via Helen Mackenzie Lake. It was 34°C in Campbell River that day, but not so hot at the higher elevation we were at. But we went swimming in Circlet Lake when we got there. We got a couple of the tent pads near the lake since we beat the weekend crowds. The next day we got up to clear sky and headed up the mountain a bit after 8:00 to beat the heat. That was the theory anyway, we drank all the water we carried that day and wished we had more. It melted our chocolate. The hike starts with a steep gravel gully, but after that it’s a wonderful hike across sub-alpine meadows and up and along a steady ridge to the summit with great views to both sides. You can see the top of Albert Edward from just about anywhere and so from the top you can see just about everywhere. We had lunch on the summit. There are spectacular mountains all around. Luckily, it was a very clear day and neither we nor they were in clouds. More swimming once back at Circlet Lake. The next day dawned sunny and we put on our backpacks again and hiked out via the string of lakes, pausing to pick and eat blueberries along the way, to Battleship Lake, where we again paused to put our toes in the water. By this time clouds were building up, but the rain held off until the next day when we were home.

In to Circlet Lake 11.1 km, 5 hours, approx 100m elevation gain. Up to Mt. Albert Edward and back 14.7 km, 9¼ hours, approx 900m elevation gain to 2101m. Return via the Lakes 13.0 km, 5½ hours.


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Backpacking – Mt. Albert Edward – 25-27 Aug 2016

Trip Report – Stramberg Creek and North Grove – 24 Aug 2016

Five of us set off to see some of the Stramberg big trees. It was going to be a very hot day, so we moved the start time of the trip an hour earlier and we were thankful that this was a trip in the shade of the forest. So we started down the deactivated logging road called Little Main Road, which is now part of Main Lakes Park. It’s a pleasant stroll apart from being prone to the occasional attempt by huckleberry bushes to retake the path. The road probably goes all the way to Shadowbrook Creek, but the last 50 metres are definitely overgrown. Instead, the path crosses Stramberg Creek, a very nice gravelly stream this season. After that, the flagged route turns back south and winds gently up hill through the old forest, passing one huge big fir tree and reaching a lovely grove of old fir trees where we had lunch before returning home. This grove is just a bit north of the Stramberg big trees we go to more often. These trees aren’t quite as big, but the grove itself is nicer. 11.7 km; 4½ hours.


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Hike – Stramberg Creek and North Grove – 24 Aug 2016

Trip Report – Forbidden Plateau Lakes Loop – 17 Aug 2016

Eight of us and a dog hiked the lake loop at Forbidden Plateau. The spectacular scenery was made even more wonderful by the absolutely perfect weather. The day was cloudless. We were worried about the heat, but the breeze and optional swimming kept everyone comfortable.

We hiked the loop counter-clockwise beginning at the Visitor Center and moving through Paradise Meadows up to Helen Mackenzie Lake. We hiked up through the rooty, quite wet and somewhat steep forest to the sub-alpine plateau. We had lunch at Mariwood Lake, where it wasn’t even hot enough for anyone to swim. We visited Kwai, Croteau (stopped for swimming), Lady, Kooso and Battleship (more swimming) Lakes, before descending to Paradise Meadows and the car.

There were some mushroom in the forest and a surprising number of wildflowers still in bloom up on the plateau. It was nearly 30° C on the return to Campbell River, but up on the mountain it was perfect.  18.4 km; 7½ hours.


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Hike – Forbidden Plateau Lakes Loop – 17 Aug 2016

Multi-day Kayaking – Desolation Sound – 14-17 Sept 2016

 This trip is full, but you can contact the Coordinator to be put on the wait list.

Activity Multi-day kayaking
Destination Desolation Sound
Date 14-17 Sept 2016, Wednesday-Saturday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info or 286-6075.  Please contact the coordinator not later than Sept 1.
Description A three-night paddling/camping trip, departing from Cortes Bay on Cortes Island to Curme Islands as base for day trips in Desolation Sound. Departing morning of Wednesday, September 14, returning afternoon of Saturday, September 17.
Meeting Place Ferry terminal at Heriot Bay
Departure Time Be at terminal in plenty of time for 9:05 a.m. ferry departure
Moderate to difficult. Participants must be able to paddle 15-20 kilometres per day with potential for wind and waves.  Must have all necessary safety equipment.
Costs Ferry fare, campsite fees, possible launching fee at Cortes Bay
Trip limits 6 people (maximum 4 tents)
Dogs? no
Notes: Please contact the trip coordinator no later than September 1, 2016 if you’re interested in this trip. Once we know who will be going, we’ll discuss details. Please note that all participants must have training in self-rescue and assisted rescue. If the forecast is for strong winds, we may substitute a 2 night outing to the Lakes, departing Wednesday, September 14, returning Friday, September 16.

Trip Report – Village Bay – 10 Aug 2016

On August 10, five club members and three guests paddled from the beach at Len Road to Village Bay, launching about 10 a.m. The original destination for the day’s trip was Granite Bay/Small Inlet, but a forecast of strong winds suggested we switch to a more protected area. Weather was mainly sunny, with a headwind on the way out, and a corresponding boost on the way back (and a bit of favourable current). We were inspected along the way by some mother seals with pups (as well as gulls, eagles, loons and mergansers). With a lunch break at Village Bay, the trip took 4½ hours with a distance paddled of 16.8 km.


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Kayak – Small Inlet – 10 Aug 2016

Trip Report – Maud Island – 3 Aug 2016

Nine of us walked the trail to Maud Island on a beautiful, warm, summer day.  We arrived at the Ripple Rock viewpoint on Seymour Narrows at the maximum on a flood current of 14.2 knots.  We met a hiking group from Comox on the trail and another group of seven on the trail that day too.  We went out over the Mt. Lolo bluffs and returned by the Salt Water Lagoon.  9.9 km, 4 hours.


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Hike – Maud Island – 3 Aug 2016

Backpacking – Mt. Albert Edward- 28-30 Aug 2016

 Change of date

Activity Backpacking
Destination Mt. Albert Edward
Date 25-27 28-30 Aug 2016, Thursday to Saturday Sunday to Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710.  Please contact the trip coordinator not later than Thursday, 25 Aug.
Description Three days/two nights hiking and camping in Strathcona Park. Backpack from the Paradise Meadow trailhead to Circlet Lake (10 km) and set up camp on Sunday. Hike up to the Mt. Albert Edward summit and back on Monday (12 km/900 metres elevation gain). This is a truly alpine experience with great views. Tuesday hike out.
Meeting Place Ferry terminal to Campbell River
Departure Time 07:05 ferry
Difficulty Strenuous
Costs Shared fuel and ferry costs, $10/person/night for back country camping
Trip limits Three or four tents
Dogs?  no
Notes: The Circlet Lake campground will be crowded – this is high season. Parts of the trail to Circlet Lake can be muddy. If the weather is not promising, the trip will be postponed or cancelled.