Trip Report – Nugedzi Lake – 26 Aug 2020

Six hikers enjoyed a perfect, late summer day for our hike up to Nugedzi Lake. We opted for the second, slightly higher viewpoint as our first rest stop, much appreciated after the usual slog up the eroded logging road. The views, though somewhat hazy, extended to the Coast Mountains and south to Texada Island. The Old Growth Forest was a welcome respite from the increasing heat. We were surprised to find how eroded the trail here was in some spots, tree roots fully exposed in many places, possibly the result of increased traffic (we actually saw 9 other people on the trail at various times) and the heavy rains of early summer and recent days. (We learned later that one of the 9 was a local trail runner, who was on his way back from having run the entire trail up from the Nugedzi trailhead parking lot, down to the Mt Seymour parking lot on Granite Bay Road and back over, after having biked to the trailhead from Heriot Bay. And we thought we were putting in an effort just to do the Nugedzi hike. )

As this trail was new to one of the group, we did the “Cook’s Tour”, going southeast out to the Lilyponds and the Lookout for views to Georgia Strait and beyond, before heading to Nugedzi Lake for lunch and a refreshing and very welcome swim. After lunch, we hiked up to the next viewpoint from which we could clearly see the mountains of Vancouver Island, and, once again, wondered about the history and purpose of the “Flagpole Cairn” at this site. A pleasant walk around Little Nugedzi Lake completed the tour before we headed back down.  10.8 km; 6 hours.

Valerie van Veen

Thanks to Norris, Valerie, and Vic for the photos

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Hiking – Nugedzi Lake – 26 Aug 2020


Trip Report – Newton Lake-Small Inlet-Waiatt Bay – 19 Aug 2020

Six hikers set out on a damp, overcast day for the annual hike into northern Quadra’s provincial/marine parks. Our small group was able to set a quick pace up the rocky remains of a logging road and into the beautiful second growth forests of Small Inlet PP. A brief stop at Newton Lake made the point, as we stood in a brisk southeasterly breeze, that a swim in the lake was not likely to happen this day.

We made our way to Small Inlet where the few boats at anchor seemed to be squeezed into a puddle of tidal water between vast expanses of exposed beach, clam beds, and remnants of clam garden walls. After a brief visit to the always fascinating spring at the head of Small Inlet we headed, via the portage trail, over to Waiatt Inlet. The trail clearing work by the Trail Committee (specifically the Barclays and the Fords) was duly noted and praised, and allowed a quick passage across Quadra Island.

While sitting on the Waiatt Bay shore enjoying lunch and the view and counting the boats, we were joined by two club members who rowed in from their sailboat. All were pleasantly surprised at this serendipitous rendezvous, and soon, we were a group of eight on the return hike to Newton Lake. We did encounter a few people returning from a swim at the lake but none of our group was tempted in on a breezy, drizzly afternoon. After a brief stop on the rocks by the lake, the sailors headed back to their boat and the hikers returned to the trailhead.  13.2 km; 5.3 hours.


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Hiking – Newton Lake-Small Inlet-Waiatt Bay – 19 Aug 2020

Hiking – Nugedzi Lake – 26 Aug 2020

Activity Hiking
Destination Nugedzi Lake
Date 26 Aug, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Valerie van Veen
Contact Info; must contact the coordinator by Tuesday noon
Description Nugedzi is one of the more challenging hikes on Quadra. This will be moderately-paced, suitable for those who might not be in top condition this summer.  In order to maintain contact with any fast hikers who wish to go ahead (only in a group, “pod rules” apply) I will bring 4 “family” radios.  The trail is rough and more challenging at the beginning, on a steep, eroded forest road, eventually turning off into the forest and through one of the few old-growths remaining on Quadra. Swimming is possible at Nugedzi Lake.  Hikers will be asked to maintain proper distancing on the small rock outcrop that is the usual lunch spot and provides the most convenient access to the lake.
Meeting Place Meet at trailhead at 10 am
Departure Time 10:00
Moderate, some steep challenging sections
Costs none
Trip limits 10, travelling in pods or distanced
Dogs? Must be under control; dog owners will be asked to go ahead of the rest of the group
Notes: This hike will be entirely weather dependent … cancelled if too hot or raining. Hikers MUST sign up with coordinator (email or call) by NOON TUESDAY. Bring lunch, and swimsuit and towel if desired. Club COVID protocols regarding eligible participation and etiquette apply; please call the coordinator if you have any questions.

Kayaking – Sandy Island Marine Park – 3 Sept 2020

Activity Kayaking
Destination Sandy Island Marine Park
Date 3 Sept 2020, Thursday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info 250 923 5540;
Description Day paddle to Sandy Bay Marine Park (Tree Island) at northern tip of Denman Island.
Meeting Place Union Bay boat launch
Departure Time About 10:00
Easy to moderate depending on conditions
Costs Ferry, transportation costs, and $5 boat launch fee
Trip limits 8 paddlers
Dogs? no
Notes: You will need to follow the QIOC paddling guidelines. This trip requires a sea kayak with spray skirt and floatation and all required equipment. The deadline for registering for the trip is Aug 31st.

Check last year’s trip report for this outing:


Multi-day Kayaking – Desolation Sound – 8-13 Sept 2020

Activity Multi-day kayaking
Destination Desolation Sound
Date 8 to 13 Sept 2020; Tuesday to Saturday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info; 250 923 5540
Description Multi-day paddle to Desolation Sound, launching from Squirrel Cove. Itinerary dependent on participant interests and weather.  Here is the link to kayak campsite information:
Meeting Place Cortes ferry line-up, Heriot Bay
Departure Time 8:00 to catch 9:05 Cortes Ferry
Moderate to challenging
Cost Ferry costs and nightly costs for camping within the Desolation Sound Marine Park
Trip limits Minimum 4 – maximum 6 to 8 depending on number of tents
Dogs? No
Notes: All participants must observe club paddling guidelines including demonstrated ability to perform assisted and self-rescue.  If you are interested in this trip, please contact the coordinator no later than September 1. Pandemic protocols will be observed.

Trip Report – Kayak training – 12 Aug 2020

There were a total of 5 participants on a cool morning for August. With the boats on the ground, just up form the launch site, we went over outfitting, particularly in regards to rescues.

After a short period, we paddled north on Main Lake to a small shallow bay near an island, opposite and a little past the twin private islands. The water was shallower here and there was a place to pull out for drying off and changing clothes.

Participants tried solo rescues, and group rescues for the couple involved. One brave soul even made a game attempt at a roll.   After a couple of hours and a quick lunch, we headed back.

Although there were plenty of users on the lake, we had this practice area to ourselves. We had only a gentle breeze on the return trip. A cool August morning turned into a pleasant warm day, and no one got too cold, despite getting wet. About 4 hours went by quickly.

Brent Henry

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Kayaking Training – Mine Lake – 12 Aug 2020

Kayak Training – Mine Lake – 12 Aug 2020

Activity Kayak training
Destination Mine Lake
Date 12 Aug 2020, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Brent Henry
Contact Info or 250-205-1106 (phone or text).  Contact the coordinator in advance
Description This will start with a short session on outfitting a kayak for safety. We’ll do a short paddle with some rescue and skills practice, for 2 or 3 hours.
Meeting Place Mine Lake parking lot
Departure Time Meet at 9:00; launch at 9:30
Difficulty Easy
Costs none
Trip limits 6
Dogs? No
Notes: All safety equipment required. Bring a lunch. This is not a formal instruction session. We will all share our knowledge.

Hiking – Chauntaluf Farm – 2 Sept 2020

Activity Hiking
Destination Chauntaluf Farm
Date 2 Sept 2020,  Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info or 3710
Description Heather Kellerhals has generously invited us to hike at the family property.  There are many options, but we will probably hike out to Hyacinthe Point and on to the Coast Mountain Lookout, if the group is up for it.  The invitation includes swimming in the Pond.  We will not do this trip if the weather isn’t reasonable for views.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot to convoy to the property
Departure Time 10:00
Costs None
Trip limits 10.  We may hike in pods.
Dogs? No – not allowed on the farm
Notes: Bring lunch and poles if you use them.  If you want to swim, bring what you need.  COVID-19 protocols will be in effect.

Trip Report – Open Bay – 5 Aug 2020

Five paddlers left Len Road launch on a bright sunny day with flat water. We went south between the small islands and Quadra. Then we traveled over to Seal Rock where there were about 50 seals and pups. We stayed well away so as not to disturb the pups. As we paddled past the entrance to Open Bay we were treated to an aerial show by two eagles.
After unloading anything that we did not want to get wet the group practiced a few different paddling techniques, edging/bracing and such. Two paddlers practiced self rescue. The water was surprisingly warm. We then dried off and had lunch on the beach.
The wind came up a bit on the return but was welcomed in the heat. 4 NM in total and 3 1/2 hours including the practice.


Kayaking – Open Bay – 5 Aug 2020

Multi-day hiking – Sunshine Coast Trail – 15-20 Sept 2020

Activity Multi-day hiking
Destination Sunshine Coast Trail
Date 15-20 Sept, Tuesday to Sunday (date could still vary by a day)
Trip Coordinator Brent Henry
Contact Info or 250-205-1106 (phone or text).  Contact the coordinator in by the end of August
Description A 4-5 day trip. Participants would take two cars on the ferry to Powell River.  We would park one vehicle at Lund and water taxi to Sarah Pt, hiking the Malaspina Peninsula portion of the trail back to Powell River.  We would hike roughly 10+ kilometers per day. Due to covid-19, the cabins are off bounds, and small tents /shelters must be carried. Coordinator has an extra 1 person tent and bivy that could be loaned out. A water treatment method should be carried, and at least 2 liters must be carried, possibly a third bottle.
Meeting Place Little River ferry terminal
Departure Time 9:30 at the ferry terminal. We would catch the 9:55 ferry.
Difficulty Moderate up and down mixed terrain.
Costs Ferry, parking and water taxi costs.
Trip limits 6
Dogs? No
Notes: All participants should be self sufficient and willing to practice safe pandemic protocols, as well as having a mask available for the ferry and public transit. Exact route, kitchen requirements, food, first aid will be agreed upon by participants.

Coordinator will carry an Inreach satellite texter and a vhf radio. If you are interested, please contact the coordinator by the end of August.