Hiking – Nugedzi Lakes – 22 Aug 2015


Activity Hiking
Destination Nugedzi Lakes and overlooks
Date 22 Aug 2015, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info 285-3710 or debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip
Description We will hike up the old logging road and into the forest.  This trip takes us through some old forest groves and on to the Nugedzi Lakes.  Hopefully, it will be warm enough for a swim.  We would like to visit both of the overlooks, which makes this a fairly long hike (about 12 km) with a moderate amount of elevation gain.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30
Costs none
Trip limits none
Notes: Bring a lunch and possibly a bathing suit.



Hiking – Channel Rock & Kw’as Park – 18 Aug 2015

Activity Hiking
Destination Channel Rock and Kw’as Park Trails, Cortes Island
Date 18 August 2015, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Margot Wood
Contact Info 285-2393; Please would you let me know before Aug 4th. I need to inform Channel Rock of numbers.
Description I will organize car-pooling for this trip. We will leave on the first ferry to Cortes. The group will visit Channel Rock starting with a beautiful hike along the coast line to Channel Rock. Channel Rock is a 140 acre paradise, protected by a land covenant, powered by solar energy, & accessible by boat or by foot. Surrounded by stunning coastlines, lush forests, & magical ecosystems. Many interesting dwellings have been built over the years, built by the islander’s talented woodworkers, that fit into the natural landscape & offer examples of highest quality craftsmanship & natural building mediums. The gardens are not just bountiful but beautiful. This was the home of Gilean Douglas for over 40 years. Gilean was a journalist, historian, feminist & a nature writer. I have booked a tour for us. This will be our morning trip & in the afternoon we will hike the Kw’as Park Trail Network. This large network of trails varies in difficulty & time depending on the route taken. Trails lead along the side of Hague & Gunflint lakes, through deep old forests & over high manzanita covered bluffs. We will return on the 3:50 p.m ferry.
Meeting Place Cortes ferry line-up.
Departure Time 9:05 a.m. ferry
easy – moderate
Costs Ferry cost plus Channel Rock tour $15
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Bring your lunch and water

Trip Report – Granite Bay – 8 July 2015

A group of six paddlers enjoyed perfect conditions for a tour around Kanish Bay on July 8th. The smokey atmosphere had cleared and we could enjoy the view across the Inside Passage. We made our way out through Chain Islands, then cut across the calm waters of the bay to Granite Point – a destination you can only attempt in such ideal weather. We poked around the point to take a look into Okisollo Passage, then moseyed back along the north shore of Kanish Bay. We had heard that there were pictographs somewhere along the cliffs, and happily we were able to spot a couple of sketchy images in red pigment. Lunch was on a rocky point part way along the shore, followed by a swim at Orchard Bay. It felt like a pretty mellow day, but we covered 18 km in our circuit around Kanish Bay.

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Kayaking –Granite Bay – 8 July 2015

Trip Report – Surge Narrows – 3 July 2015

We had a group of 10 for this outing on a hot, sunny and very windy day. Of the ten, five had never been on a hike with the QIOC and the ages spanned more than 50 years. We started at Mine Lake, on the big rock, for a swim and lunch. The water was very warm, but there were white caps on the lake. We drove out to the end of the Surge Narrows road. As we visited the community dock, we were treated to a close encounter with an eagle carrying a fish. We hiked along the Surge Narrows trail to the viewpoint, arriving about a half hour before the max flood current of 10.6 knots, which was very impressive. Some of the group continued on the unmaintained route to the next bay and point, with views up toward Okisollo Channel and lots of wind and waves. There was a ground nesting wasp sting and a hurt foot on the return trip, but the victims took it in stride.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Surge Narrows – 3 July 2015

Kayaking – Around Read Island – 10-13 August 2015

Activity Multi-day paddling
Destination Circumnavigate Read Island
Date 10-13 August 2015, Monday-Thursday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info darcm@telus.net or 285-2739
Description A three-night paddling/camping trip. Depending on weather conditions, we will launch from either the Hyacinthe Bay area or Discovery Islands Lodge (near Surge Narrows).
Meeting Place TBA
Departure Time TBA
Moderate to difficult. We should expect to paddle between 15 and 20 kilometres per day.
Costs Launching fee if trip starts at Discovery Islands Lodge.
Trip limits 6 people
Dogs? no
Notes: Please contact the trip coordinator no later than July 31 if you’re interested in this trip. Once we know who will be going, we’ll discuss details.


Hiking – Ralph River – 25-27 August 2015

Activity Hiking and camping
Destination Ralph River, Strathcona Park
Date 25-27 August 2015, Tuesday-Thursday
Trip Coordinator Sheelagh Elmitt
Contact Info 285-2296 or sheelaghelmitt@yahoo.ca.  If you want to go on this trip you need to contact Sheelagh and commit ASAP.
Description We will spend two nights at the Ralph River Campground. We will hike to Bedwell Lake on Wednesday.  The other two half days we will do shorter hikes.  Bedwell is a moderate hike to a beautiful alpine lake.  Six kms long with 600 metres elevation. About 3 hrs one way.
Meeting Place Quadra ferry terminal to Campbell River
Departure Time 9:00 am ferry
moderate to easy
Costs camping fees, ferry and shared gas
Trip limits camping gear and fitness
Dogs? no
Notes: As of July 2nd there are very few campsites left at Ralph River, so it’s important to commit soon if you want to go on this trip.